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Today on the Internet: Ad Age says the technology behind Time Warner’s TV Everywhere still doesn’t exist yet; Boxee’s CPO is leaving to found another start-up; and Verizon’s not just getting into the iPhone business — it’s also planning to offer an iPad. Read more »

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At CES today, Skype confirmed it has acquired mobile video startup Qik in a deal that will accelerate its move to capture the mobile video chat market. Skype also named new TV partners that will enable consumers to chat with others on their TVs. Read more »

wd tv live plus

In our 12th episode of Cord Cutters, Janko spotlights the WD TV Live Plus, a set-top box that also supports for locally-hosted media, Ryan reads out some great Twitter comments we’ve received recently and Liz talks up the popular YouTube series Black Box TV. Read more »

movieclips screenshot

A survey conducted by the film scene hosting site indicates that watching a scene from a movie almost definitely impacts a person’s decision to watch it. And using clips as a discovery tool is something that Movieclips hopes to turn into a viable business model. Read more »

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Reader Doug van Kirk and his family were cable subscribers for a while, but Comcast’s package deals just weren’t working for them. So with some upgrades to their home entertainment solutions, including a connected PC and Windows Media Center, they joined the ranks of the cable-free. Read more »

lxd halloween

It was a great year for online video, thanks to the vast and varied quantities of serialized content available: shows, memes and experiences that went beyond the single-serving to engage audiences and change how we saw advertising, parenting, dancing and live-streaming. Read more »

Screen shot 2010-12-29 at 5.55.35 PM

It’s almost the end of 2010, and the best way I can figure to recognize yet another inspiring year in web video is to individually honor the stand-alone projects, followed tomorrow by the serialized ones, which really stood out since January. For me, anyway. Read more »

doctor who stetson

BBC America received a ratings boost when it aired this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special mere hours after the BBC did — a strategy that it plans to repeat for future episodes, as the BBC evolves its international distribution plans to match a technologically savvy audience. Read more »

virus viral video

Over the course of 2010, professionally produced content, not cats and stunts gone wrong, was what people were watching online. While the power of viral spread will never disappear, the decline of amateur found footage indicates that in 2011, sustainable brands will eclipse the viral video. Read more »

norad santa

For 55 years now, NORAD has been updating little girls and boys about Santa Claus’s progress around the world on Christmas Eve. The operation has been upgraded since its early days, thanks to corporate sponsorship, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google Earth. Read more »

digital artists ronaldo

Two-year-old Digital Artists has avoided the pitfalls experienced by companies like 60 Frames by seeking new ways to create content in the digital space, with a focus on making online personalities into monetizable brands and partnering with entities outside the digital space for online experiences. Read more »

Avner Ronen

As the CEO of Boxee, Avner Ronen has become a fierce advocate for the viability of streaming content. For today’s Five Questions With…, he addresses the potential alienation of early Boxee adaptors and proposes a radical new distribution plan for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Read more »

Vimeo Video School

Vimeo has always nurtured the artistic side of its user community, but now it’s hoping to broaden its base even further with the Vimeo Video School, a massive offering of video tutorials for a wide range of potential creators, from new DSLR users to amateurs. Read more »

antoine dodson

YouTube’s place in the online video ecosystem could change dramatically, if today’s rumors that it will acquire Next New Networks are true. The two companies already have a relationship beyond distribution, and if they were to merge, it would possibly have ramifications for other content providers. Read more »

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