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8 Dates, directed by Matt Koval, is a sweet-natured, amusing series about a young woman attempting to conquer the dating world. It’s also a great example of YouTube interactivity, the value of soliciting guest stars and working to minimize the brand’s involvement in branded content. Read more »

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tubefilter february 2011 event

Last night, representatives from The Fine Bros., Reckless Tortuga and Next New Networks (not to mention George Strompolos) dropped a whole lot of knowledge valuable to aspiring YouTube stars, including the importance of building a brand and the most effective ways to promote content. Read more »

aol presents

AOL has grown its video business through acquisitions and in-house production — and seen that hard work pay off in traffic. AOL Video is now number five in unique viewers and number seven in videos viewed, in large part, because AOL has come to embrace third-party content. Read more »


A filing with the SEC today indicates Next New Networks is on its way to being bought out by Google any day now — a deal that makes a lot more sense, thanks to reports that YouTube is looking to enlist name-brand celebrities for original content. Read more »

tv desert

What does the TV consumer of the future look like? What is TV becoming? The evolution of the format, technology and content was at the heart of today’s discussion at the 2011 TV Summit, with the ultimate conclusion being that TV isn’t really TV anymore. Read more »

coax cable

Statistics presented by Nielsen tday suggest that fluctuations in cable subscription numbers are due not to cord-cutting, but “cord-swapping,” with consumers switching between different services. However, that still doesn’t explain the rise of broadband-only households among the under-25 set, who are embracing cable-free life. Read more »

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The original Keyboard Cat video was filmed in 1984. Its star died in 2000. But the legacy of Keyboard Cat lives on, thanks to creator Charlie Schmidt, who has taken the brand and, with some inspiration from Banksy, found a meeting place between art and commerce. Read more »

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Thinking small might not be the best way to build a business — unless you’re Daniel Delaney, who’s come up with an innovative way to work directly with small brands for sponsorship opportunities on his new daily web series, and just maybe make a living at it. Read more » 210x140, Major League Baseball’s official digital offering, is now available for purchase for the 2011 season. While the MLB has been offering live streams of games since August 2002, this year for the first time Android devices will have access to live video. Read more »

netflix top picks

Netflix is currently looking at redesigning its API to improve performance for the hundreds of streaming devices now using the service — thanks to a sharp uptick in requests and inefficient software interactions. What this means for users? A potentially speedier and smoother streaming experience. Read more »

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Super Bowl Sunday is here, and even if you don’t care about the game, you’re probably interested in the ads — and you don’t even need to watch the game in order to watch the most popular ads of the day, thanks to both YouTube and Hulu. Read more »

Today on the Net: NBC explains why it fired the leaker of an old Today Show clip, TiVo wants to help brands measure the effectiveness of their ads for free, and execs are all huffy over Viacom’s deal this week with Hulu. Read more »

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The social media surrounding this year’s Grammy Awards includes a three-day live stream of behind-the-scenes action, red carpet coverage and classic Grammy moments, which this year is hosted by YouTube. Don’t expect much in the way of live performance, though, thanks to approval issues. Read more »

Today on the Internet: Carriage fights cost News Corp $47 million last year, MTV is offering a paid subscription service for original programming in the UK and the Comcast-Time Warner deal could be a great example of how companies can work together in the Netflix age. Read more »

netflix top picks

The power struggle between Netflix and content providers became more pronounced in earnings calls for Time Warner and News Corp. Execs from both companies made it clear that they want more money for their content — because Netflix is seen as a rival to other distribution platforms. Read more »

Today on the Internet: Amazon is preparing to launch a service that directly competes with Netflix, it turns out that YouTube’s recommendation algorithm is based on Amazon’s, and federal, state and local government agencies will soon be marketed the Brightcove platform. Read more »

Tracey Robertson

As co-founder of Hoodlum, Tracey Robertson has helped drive many award-winning transmedia campaigns, including universe-expanding content for Lost and Salt. Below, find out which social media kingpin she thinks is a game-changer, and why she’s probably mad at me for using the word transmedia. Read more »

Hunter Walk, Director, Product Management, Google at NTVL 2010

Today, Google Director of Product Development Hunter Walk answers our five questions! And on his mind are the tools that help creators connect directly with audiences, as well as YouTube’s strategy for dealing with the content world in light of those Next New Networks rumors. Read more »

sam reich collegehumor

Last night, CollegeHumor President of Original Content Sam Reich spent his flight from NY to LA taking questions from Reddit, along the way revealing the site’s writing process, plans for follow-up videos, which traffic day is the worst, and what happened to the CollegeHumor grunt. Read more »

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Justine Ezarik is joining the cast of Spike TV’s rebranded Game Trailers TV on Jan. 27, but don’t worry, iJustine fans — the YouTube star will still be keeping up with her independent video work, even while covering tablets and TVs for the show’s fourth season. Read more »

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Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half is one of the funniest and strangest web comics online. But beyond her trademark crude artwork, she’s also got a YouTube presence which not only brings her drawings to life, but also includes some delightfully random live action experiments. Read more »

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