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don't ask don't tell

Vuguru is one of those rarities in the web content world — a company that has been actively financing and producing web content since 2007 without going out of business, thanks to Rogers Media funding and an approach to creating truly multiplatform content with an international focus. Read more »

husbands the series

Jane Espenson is beloved among television nerds for her work on shows including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Game of Thrones. But while the gay marriage comedy Husbands is her first independent web series, the ambition is for it to find a home on television. Read more »

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ryan higa agents of secret stuff

As YouTube’s self-made stars have grown in popularity, a number of companies have been founded to maximize their online influence across multiple platforms. Here’s an overview of those working behind-the-scenes on big deals for Ryan Higa, Annoying Orange, ShayCarl and Mystery Guitar Man. Read more »

Super 8 camera

The upcoming Paramount flick Super 8 is meant to be an homage to Steven Spielberg’s early films, but it may be contributing to the rise of another kind of nostalgia: the old Super 8 film format, which is finding new fans in the digital era. Read more »

digitour logo

Despite an initially slow start, the first show of the YouTube-sponsored DigiTour offered solid proof that musical talent translates from a web cam to a live venue. And if it’s successful, touring might prove to be another monetization option for these artists. Read more »'s new New York offices, via Annie Tsai.

More than half the employees at web video start-up are active Tumblr users, which has created a public awareness of the company’s internal culture. It’s a unique example of how corporate communications can incorporate social media, but would it work for any ol’ start-up? Read more »

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