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We’re at that point in the election cycle right now when the sheer mention of superdelegates makes me think about leaving the country. But like it or not, the 2008 Democratic primary will continue to dominate the online video world. If only because the Internet needs […] Read more »

In the pre-web days, Scientology had it easy — through lawsuits and copyright claims, it was able to keep some measure of control over its message and its portrayal in the media. But it’s no accident that with the Internet’s spread, more and more information about […] Read more »

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Happy birthday, Chocolate Rain, only two days late. You and I are both Tauruses! Which is a big reason to be skeptical of astrology and what it says about one’s personality. After all, Chocolate Rain, you are a heavily synthesized song about racism performed by a […] Read more »

Joey and David of have, by way of original comedy pieces like 14 Days in a Civic and eHarmony’s Minor Matchmaker, already gotten Hollywood’s attention. But does making shorts for the Internet mean Joey and David know anything about making viral videos? Well, they managed […] Read more »

With the triumph of finalists Waverly Films (a.k.a. WaverlyFlams on YouTube), this year’s YouTube Sketchies contest has finally come to a close. We spoke with Waverly’s Christopher Ford about being latecomers to YouTube, the vicious lies spread by POYKPAC, and the benefits of participating in these […] Read more »

Second in our series of interviews with YouTube Sketchies2 finalists is the Brooklyn-based sketch group POYKPAC. Already well-known online for their previous sketches, Mario: Game Over and Hipster Olympics, Ryan Hunter, Taige Jensen, and producer Tyler Jackson spoke to us about the differences between the first […] Read more »

The winners of the last YouTube Sketchies contest have since gone on to fame and fortune — or, at least, full-time comedy production. So, after being handpicked by UTA Online agents and surviving audience voting, the 10 the Sketchies2 finalists are, needless to say, more than […] Read more »

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Some of the worst decisions people make involve when, where and why they take off their clothes. But that doesn’t seem to be a huge concern for YouTube user Chris3ff and the vloggers participating in his Naked Vlog Campaign: As of writing, Chris3ff has located at […] Read more »

Maybe it’s really old media of me to say this, but if the New York Times says you’re the “Oscars of the Internet,” that’s probably what you are. (Of course, the NYT can afford to pay the Webbys submission fee, so they’re perhaps a little biased.) […] Read more »

It’s hard to imagine how this election cycle might have played out without the influence of online video — especially for Hillary Clinton. Whether or not you support the senator from New York, web video has offered us a chance to call media bias into question […] Read more »

Today, we present the first installment of a feature devoted to predicting the future of new shorts with viral potential. For sometimes it’s hard to tell what will or won’t go viral. But other times, it’s all too easy. Will It Spread? SNL Digital Short: Laser […] Read more »

On April 1, Rickrolling became Public Enemy No. 1 to those devoted to serious Internet browsing. Since it’s always best to understand one’s enemy — and since tracking the evolution of this meme is a challenge worth undertaking — we thus present: Rickrolling: A Timeline 1969: […] Read more »

After months of controversy, Dutch politician Geert Wilders has released his anti-Islam short film Fitna online, a move many fear will incite a repeat of the violence resulting from the 2005 publication of cartoons of Muhammad. But so far, reaction to the film has been more […] Read more »

Good PSAs, with their short runtime and punchy conclusions, have always done well in the online video world. This week, an assortment of odd clips came together with nothing in common other than a desire to educate people on serious (and not-so-serious) matters. Public Service Announcement: […] Read more »

This year at Sundance, indie filmmaker Brody Baker took advantage of the fact that a large quantity of interesting actors were gathered together in a small snow-bound community, and used them to shoot a series of improvised shorts at a small Utah motel. These shorts, dubbed […] Read more »

As internet memes go, there’s something somewhat artificial about Sweding, especially given that, on the surface, it’s an online marketing campaign for the film Be Kind Rewind, and it exists mostly through the sheer willpower of director Michel Gondry (whose infectious enthusiasm was chronicled beautifully by […] Read more »

“Jesus is magic,” says Sarah Silverman, but for those who have a hard time believing in Jesus or magic, Easter weekend is pretty much just an excuse to eat egg-shaped chocolate. But how to capture that feeling of religious wonder on your own secular terms? By […] Read more »

Bratwurst assault destroys a population of fish and chips. Kebabs and lox bagels engage in a lethal standoff. And Vietnamese spring rolls face off against croissants and hamburgers. Food Fight, Stefan Nadelman’s epic short depicting the history of 20th century American warfare with food, uses computer-generated […] Read more »

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