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There’s something about a well-made music video that just makes me happy, even if it doesn’t feature the artists involved. For a digital media course at the University Furtwangen, a group of six students created a staggering single-shot lip dub for the song 257 Weeks from […] Read more »

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Despite a pretty ridiculous title, anticipation for Quantum of Solace, the next Bond film, remains pretty high, especially after the release of a teaser trailer last month. The teaser doesn’t give a lot away, though, which means fans have since been reduced to discussing the elements […] Read more »

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Feist’s 1 2 3 4 has been stuck in the Internet’s head for over a year now, but it wasn’t until just recently that it stood a chance of becoming the next big mash-up meme. How? It’s all because of Sesame Street, and a cover version […] Read more »

They grow up so fast. Eleven months after racking up more than 20 million views with his heartfelt defense of Britney Spears, the frequently parodied Chris Crocker announced last week that he will leave YouTube for good. The self-declared face of YouTube announced the news in […] Read more »

From Comic-Con, Barely Political covers an issue I’m sure we all occasionally wonder: who’s Batman (and other costumed folks) voting for in November? And Jill Weinberger provides a closer look at Stephen King’s N, the previously covered horror master’s foray into online video. Does the moving […] Read more »

Greenpeace’s latest appeal for environmental friendliness is pretty sexually explicit, sound-wise — but if your speakers are turned down low, hopefully you won’t have to answer any awkward questions from small people about why these trees are shaking like this. And Shia LeBeouf’s recent troubles made […] Read more »

We’ve covered the Mortified series before, but the embarrassing-memoir franchise took a new step forward with the “Diorama-Tization” of a super-sensitive high school football star’s diary — using handspun papercraft animation to relate this latest true-life tale of adolescent woe. Elsewhere in online video, I’ve been […] Read more »

If there are people immune to the goofy charm of actor/wrestler/mohawk-rocker Mr. T, they are people I don’t care to know. Fortunately, the fine folks at Snickers do not suffer from such poor taste. The latest commercial in the “Get Some Nuts” campaign features a speedwalker […] Read more »

I know that this is the Weekend Vid Picks, but the truth of the matter is that I wrote it on Wednesday. Why? Because by Wednesday, we already had enough examples of girls fighting it out on tape to complete this piece. There are times when […] Read more »

What could be better than a well-known vlogger doing an acoustic cover of MIA’s Paper Planes? Clearly, the answer is: three vloggers. YouTube users charlestrippy and sxephil joined davedays for a slightly nerdier, but adorable new take on the track. And in the world of politics, […] Read more »

With Dusty Zombies, Canadian creative force Matt Ficner addresses society’s long-standing desire for zombie puppet covers of Kansas classics — with an all-zombie chorus, inspired puppet design, and quality production value at work, it’s safe to say that you’ve never seen Dust In the Wind performed […] Read more »

Buried in yesterday’s Primetime Emmy nominations was the growing acknowledgment by oldteevee that maybe, just maybe, this TV-on-the-Internet thing’s here to stay. Using the categorization “Special Class Program” (which lumps online video in with live opera broadcasts and awards shows), the shorts lucky enough to be […] Read more »

This sketch from These People didn’t just attract our interest because of its title (no, really!) — Homemade Porn is actually a hilarious riff on one of those basic facts of the Internet. And by now, you’ve probably gotten a chance to check out Radiohead’s video […] Read more »

Despite tentative assurances at last Thursday’s Q&A that the web hosts streaming Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog would be up to the challenge today, has been crashing all morning, and server traffic has been slow at best. Per the Twitter of star Felicia Day: “Wow, Horrible […] Read more »

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