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Here’s some science for your Tuesday morning — this slightly trippy video uses animation to compare the various sizes of the planets, eventually putting key spheres of our own galaxy in perspective. How – The funniest bloopers are right here And I admit my fascination with […] Read more »

We may be looking at the dawn of an incredibly politically incorrect new meme, courtesy of Oprah Winfrey’s crusade against pedophiles. A 40-second clip of Oprah reading out loud a message from a pedophile, threatening the nation’s children with the full force of “9,000 penises” has […] Read more »

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Talk Like A Pirate Day is arrrrrguably one of the Internet’s most ridiculous holidays, but hey, what better day than Friday for a few minutes of swashbuckler-themed frivolity? And there’s a decent variety of activity to choose from: Ninja of Ask a Ninja will be doing […] Read more »

Gov. Sarah Palin’s record and political positions have been under close examination over the past few weeks, and as a result, a startling number of inconsistencies have emerged. For example — did she enjoy her send-up at Tina Fey’s hands on last Saturday’s SNL? She definitely […] Read more »

Sometimes one is forced to wonder why third-party candidates have never been able to gain a foothold in the American election cycle. Then one sees something so mind-blowingly ridiculous that all questions are answered. Ralph Nader would like your vote for President, America. And he’s willing […] Read more »

What would happen if bajillionaires Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates attended a Little League game? Visited a multiplex? Browsed a 7-11? Sadly, the world will never know. Valleywag reported this afternoon that after meeting with mixed reactions, the Microsoft/Jerry Seinfeld campaign will go on no longer. […] Read more »

Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried are previewing their much-discussed lonelygirl15 follow-up, LG15: The Resistance, at the New York Television Festival tonight — but we got a sneak peek at the first episode. Find out why Resistance may signify the final stage of production company EQAL’s transformation […] Read more »

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I’ve been following National Geographic’s YouTube channel casually over the past few months — it’s always good for a quick and entertaining glimpse into the natural world. Sperm Whale Diving details the slightly terrifying nature of the mama and baby whale relationship — imagine leaving your […] Read more »

We’re all about the mashing up of music and technology today on NewTeeVee Station. First, Rhett and Link craft a Weird Al-esque lament for these perhaps-too-exciting Web 2.0 days… And tonight might be Planet Earth’s last hurrah, that is if anything goes wrong with the launch […] Read more »

Last year’s MTV VMA Awards was a highly entertaining train wreck, one that potentially ruined Britney Spears’ career and gave birth to Chris Crocker’s — and MTV benefited big time by exclusively hosting the Gimme More video. So when MTV announced that Britney Spears would once […] Read more »

Redefining stop motion, this high-speed assembly of 3,038 photos, taken over the course of three days, creates a fascinating portrait of creator Robbie’s life in Boston, perfectly scored to Lightspeed Champion’s Dry Lips: 3 Days – 3,038 Photos from Robbie on Vimeo. And Jill Weinberger travels […] Read more »

Atheist/evolution expert Richard Dawkins is a controversial figure in Britain, and when confronted by his haterz, he shows the kind of grace and good humor that the typical YouTube vlogger would do well to imitate: And for those who have been covering online video since the […] Read more »

Pac-Man: The Movie features some awkward performances and amateur production values, but the premise is so clever that I can’t resist featuring it. You’re used to seeing the Pac-Man story through the eyes of a hungry yellow disc — but what are those ghosts going through? […] Read more »

So I’m not an actor, but if I were one, watching this woman discuss the latest advances in image metrics technology would be more than a little terrifying. And speaking of the unreal, Steve Bryant today reviews Model.Live, a Vogue.TV/Bebo collaboration that takes America’s Next Top […] Read more »

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