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Alleged serial killer Henry “The Overkiller” Graham sits on death row partaking of his last meal (a Hot Pocket) and awaiting his just deserts. All too soon, he’s led to the room where he’ll pay for his crimes — by being married off to his groupie-turned-fiancee […] Read more »

Video blogging, or “vlogging,” is still finding itself as a medium, exploring its artistic, didactic and philosophical potential. Arguably, the format’s greatest laureate is a now-retired vlogger by the name of Ze Frank, who ran a daily vlog for a full year, building a sizable audience […] Read more »

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Listening to most executives talk is a hard thing to do for more than two minutes at a time. There’s so much verbal obfuscation it starts to resemble a game of how to use the most words to say the least, leading to achievements like JetBlue […] Read more »

It’s Friday. That’s usually a pretty good day to feature a video of kittens. Plus, it’s got a helpful tip on how to break up a catfight. (You might not choose to use it yourself, though.) And there’s an extraordinary figure in online video who is […] Read more »

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During the 2008 presidential election, the Barack Obama campaign set up dedicated new media teams in many states, but there were only eight with dedicated videographers: Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. What do those states have in common? They were key […] Read more »

While I found this earlier in the week, Gabe and Max are so stylish that their style resonates for days. Here is the second installment of their Tips on Man Style for Details Magazine. Use them as you get ready to hit the town tonight! And […] Read more »

There’s a Twitter Moms revolution going on, and the manufacturer of the pain reliever Motrin is its first high-profile target. Mothers offended by a Motrin ad’s assertion that “baby-wearing” can cause back, arm, and neck strain lashed out publicly online, bringing down the official Motrin web […] Read more »

West London filmmakers Phil Samson and Olly Williams’s The Black Hole is a short morality tale with great effects and a cleverly executed premise — which plays clearly without the use of any dialogue (meaning that it works for everyone, regardless of native tongue). In short […] Read more »

So in the mess of videos documenting Election Day aftermath, what is the one non-politically-oriented piece to break through the crowd? The latest in the viral ad series promoting Guitar Hero World Tour: Heidi Klum rocking out in her undies. Of course. FYI, Heidi, taking off […] Read more »

Dear America, if you won’t do what famous people tell you to do, will you do what an adorable small child tells you to do? Four-year-old Truett says vote! And YouTube’s Video Your Vote site, collating user videos of their voting experiences, is now in full […] Read more »

Zombie-themed comedy is hardly anything new, but Man in the Box: “Halloween Zombie-ocalypse” features great performances and comedic timing — plus, its crazy-fast pace makes it a model of efficient storytelling. And continuing in a Halloween theme (Guys, it’s tomorrow! Are you excited yet?), today we […] Read more »

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