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It’s time for your cheerful Streamy Awards update! This Friday is the final day for submissions to the awards competition that LA Times’s David Sarno called the Emmys for online video. We’ve already received nearly 53,000 nominations for the best in web series, and while all […] Read more »

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The delightful thing about Americans is that you can’t define them by just one stereotype — there’s a wide diversity of crude and cruel tropes available for mockery. In the Iron Sink Media-produced Freakdom of Speech, America — as depicted by Patrick Bristow (a Groundlings comedy […] Read more »

With the FOX juggernaut American Idol once again rearing its culture-saturating head, it can feel downright impossible for a non-watcher to remain a functional member of society. In today’s Station Conversation, Liz Shannon Miller and Jill Weinberger discuss what happens when the lazy blogger’s last refuge […] Read more »

Confession: when I think Pulitzer, I think hard-hitting investigations and thoroughly researched journalism. I don’t necessarily think YouTube. That’s my mistake, though, because yesterday YouTube announced the winner of its Project: Report competition, a collaboration with the Pulitzer Center to find aspiring journalists who focus on […] Read more »

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The new year means new opportunities, even for web content you’ve previously dismissed. And so in today’s Station Conversation, Jill Weinberger and Liz Shannon Miller revisit future Late Night host Jimmy Fallon’s ongoing web prelude to his on-air series — which definitely gets their vote for […] Read more »

When you hear that someone’s a “celebrity trainer,” the worst sort of Hollywood meathead stereotypes come to mind. But Eric Fleishman, otherwise known as Eric The Trainer, defies them. For one thing, he’s a bit of a good-natured goofball. And for another, he’s genuinely passionate about […] Read more »

A year after her mother’s assassination, 18-year-old Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari wrote and performed a rap ballad in memory of Pakistani premier Benazir Bhutto, which was packaged as a music video, aired on state television, and has since found its way to YouTube, where at least one […] Read more »

There’s a lot of online video that never manages to break out, is overshadowed by other series, or is just too weird and obscure to find an audience. But while sometimes that’s for the best, sometimes some real gems get overlooked. Here’s a list of overlooked […] Read more »

I didn’t know anything about the new (and relatively obscure) Exit Stage Left before watching, and it truly surprised me with the quality of its production, direction, and cast. Billing itself as “a web series of theatrical proportions,” the show mines the drama-heavy world of an […] Read more »

Given how old most web phenomena are, the folks at Rocketboom have their work cut out for them with the Know Your Meme video series and accompanying database, an attempt to track the origins of various Internet culture standards (and expand the Rocketboom brand). You might […] Read more »

With the economy continuing to crumble, it’s little wonder that even Hollywood turned to e-cards this holiday season — according to Variety, such a move has saved major studios up to $40,000 on printing and mailing costs. But what these old-school production companies are doing is […] Read more »

Not surprisingly, there are some latent — and blatant — Santa issues surfacing over on the Holiday Hell channel at So ol’ Saint Nick is not the jolly humanitarian his publicist would have us believe? Videos of Santa trolling the mean streets for ho ho […] Read more »

Following up on our announcement last week, the Streamy Awards are now open for nominations. Feel free to submit your favorite web series (including, let’s be honest, your own) for consideration in the following categories: Overall: Best Dramatic Web Series Best Comedy Web Series Best Hosted […] Read more »

Chanukah Sameach, everyone! In today’s Station Conversation, Jill Weinberger gives Liz Shannon Miller a brief education on Hanukkah…through online video, of course. Liz: Hey, when is Hanukkah this year? Jill: Sundown on the 21st. Liz: That’s Sunday! We should do something to celebrate. Jill: The thing […] Read more »

I’ll admit it; I’m not the biggest fan of bodily fluid-related humor. And Benny and Rafi Fine — aka the Fine Brothers — tend to hold nothing back when it comes to the gross, the inappropriate, and the completely NSFW. But you know what? I can’t […] Read more »

Imagine, if you will, a world where the Oscars and the Golden Globes said screw having separate ceremonies, let’s team up for the ultimate awards show. Well, that’s the world you live in now, at least when it comes to online video. NewTeeVee is teaming up […] Read more »

Like most Americans, I know more about Britney Spears than I’d like to — and, thanks to our tabloid culture, that information has largely come second-hand. Britney goes to rehab, Britney shaves her head, Britney hates the paparazzi, Britney dates the paparazzi… But that was Old […] Read more »

In the ever-evolving lexicon of lolspeak (the first human language to evolve from captions given to funny pictures of cats and other animals), subtlety is often lacking — things are either epic or lame, WIN or FAIL. And the capacity for failure is immense online, a […] Read more »

Former lonelygirl15 writer Mary Feuer’s With the Angels, a series exploring the diverse community of Venice, Calif., has been quietly building an audience with its offbeat subject matter, strong acting and audience-engaging interactivity. We talked with Feuer about the challenges of creating a drama for the […] Read more »

In preparation for the last half of Battlestar Galactica‘s final season, the show’s creators are once again casting a few breadcrumbs at insatiable fans. Battlestar Galactica: The Face of The Enemy is a 10-episode online sideshow revolving around Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) and two Boomers (Grace Park), […] Read more »

Updated: You can say this for our current commander-in-chief: He’s got great reflexes. During a press conference on Saturday, Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi, a reporter with Cairo-based network Al Baghdadia Television, hurled his shoes at President Bush, who ducked the size-10 loafers pretty nimbly. According to […] Read more »

In this week’s edition of Station Conversation, Liz Shannon Miller and Jill Weinberger lock horns over the Coldplay/Joe Satriani controversy. When does musical influence become outright theft? Are online video makers the new vigilantes of injustice? And how many songs, exactly, go “do do do, do […] Read more »

This week brought the release of Episode 2 of Gorilla in the Greenhouse, an animated educational series from SustainLane. Like the Earth Day debut episode, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Turn It Up Day is a great piece of work, managing to be both genuinely entertaining and […] Read more »

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