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Warner Brothers went all out in its online video outreach for Watchmen, setting loose two months ago viral clips that gave fans a taste of how faithful the adaptation might be, while slowly drawing newbies into the complex world of the graphic novel. But in this […] Read more »

If you were a Deadwood fan, but found yourself wishing occasionally for a little less cursing and a lot more philosophy, Heathens might be for you. Seeking to answer the question, “If Freedom was a place, what would it look like?” the 28-episode indie web series […] Read more »

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It’s one thing to rely on a network for your online presence; it’s another to take ownership of it yourself. And in the case of Top Gear, which has an international following and brand recognition beyond the BBC, they don’t just own their online presence — […] Read more »

It’s a sad fact that those who devote themselves to the world of paranormal investigation are oftentimes rational society’s punching bags, rarely taken seriously by those with more pedestrian outlooks on the natural world. True believers find themselves routinely mocked and ridiculed — even Fox Mulder […] Read more »

Videos of passionate intellectuals talking about the random topics they care about have made quite a home for themselves online (ahem, TED). That’s because, at least according to Brady Forrest of O’Reilly Media, “What geeks crave more than anything else is details — they love to […] Read more »

A good friend of mine, an actress auditioning like crazy here in Los Angeles, has already come across anywhere from 6-10 different casting calls this year for web series with exactly the same premise, that being: “Talented hotties struggle to get ahead in the entertainment industry.” […] Read more »

This is probably a weird thing for a nerd girl with a college education to say, but man I’d love to be Heidi Klum. It’s not just that the 35-year-old mother of three can still rock a bra and panties collection for Victoria’s Secret, either. Klum’s […] Read more »

For the first time ever, I’m glad to have seen The Hills and its spin offs. It means that I understand the joke behind The District, Newsweek’s (yes, that Newsweek) mashup of Barack Obama’s first 100 days as President and the faux-reality format perfected by MTV. […] Read more »

We don’t often revisit shows we’ve already reviewed, but when a series goes on to rack up 1.8 million views with its first episode, it’s probably worth checking out the second. The newest installment of James Gunn’s PG Porn, Roadside ASS-istance, was released Jan. 23 on […] Read more »’s rebranding as a comedy destination paid off big time this week with the release of Oprah is Dead, which chronicles the terrifying future that awaits us after Oprah Winfrey leaves us for the great beyond. Chaos, anarchy, and a Thriller homage ensue. The short is […] Read more »

UPDATE: The makers of The Misfits have withdrawn their entry. We are investigating further and will have a follow-up story soon. lonelygirl15 has always been a franchise that worked to reward its rabid fanbase, and last December, the folks at web production company EQAL took things […] Read more »

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