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Hey, remember Joey and David? Maybe not. After all, the web moves pretty fast, and it’s been about a year since the debut of high-profile series Viralcom (which for most people, including me, fell short of its promise). Since then, they seem to have spent most […] Read more »

Here’s the secret to creating high-quality, low-budget science fiction: The simpler the set-up, the more money and effort you can put towards executing it well. Zerks Log is a perfect example. Zerks Log riffs on the time-honored narrative device, established by Star Trek over 40 years […] Read more »

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Comedians don’t always make the best talk show hosts, as anyone old enough to remember Chevy Chase’s failed attempt might remember, because not all comedians are both funny and likable enough to engage an audience. So here is the question worth asking before checking out the […] Read more »

There is something almost too calculated about the YouTube Symphony Orchestra: a Chinese composer writing music for a Western-style symphony that draws its membership from a global community? But if you can get past the glaring PC-ness of the project, what awaits you is a sweet-natured […] Read more »

As our increasingly global society slowly but surely franchises the entire world, it becomes harder and harder to find flavors authentic to their regions. Turns out the best place to find them is on the streets. VendrTV, launched last month on, is a food show […] Read more »

In the world of online video, once you’ve secured the support of a large and generous fanbase, there’s very little you can’t do. For proof, look no further than Felicia Day: Loyal viewership has been a big factor in the success of her show The Guild. […] Read more »

If I know anything for certain, it’s that long after Battlestar Galactica comes to its conclusion tonight on the Sci-Fi Channel, we’ll still be talking about it. And whether or not you’re satisfied by the series finale or have lots more questions, there’s no denying that […] Read more »

While I don’t normally make a point of doing content warnings, In The Moment, a soap opera set in a thriving gay community, deserves one. Created in partnership with the LA Gay & Lesbian Center and the city of West Hollywood, the series showcases a multicultural […] Read more »

When it comes to comedy webseries, I’m starting to worry about the fake documentary (fauxumentary, perhaps?) format. Specifically, I’m starting to worry that between established entities like Dorm Life and newer shows like Bumps in the Night, it might be getting overplayed. It’s little wonder that […] Read more »

Without even the promise of free wine, Wine Library TV’s Gary Vaynerchuk (an NTV Breakout Video Star and old favorite) packed an auditorium here at South by Southwest Sunday evening with the faithfully devoted of the Web 2.0. Moderator Susanna Hamner, a self-employed writer, Jenna Wortham […] Read more »

The crossover between the SXSW film and interactive conferences usually comes in the form of DIY tips for filmmakers. The “Soapbox Spielberg” panel, listed on the agenda for both branches of the conference, took that to a new level on Saturday afternoon by producing some classic […] Read more »

Dispatch from Liz Miller, NewTeeVee Reviews editor – Just got into Austin for SXSW, because I never got to go on spring break while I was in college. But while I’m here, I might as well go ahead and file stories on the interactive and film […] Read more »

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