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No matter the medium, teen dramas seem to aim for either pop fantasy or edgy realism, with little overlap. Gossip Girl‘s hypersexualized Dior-clad Manhattan adolescents, for example, belong to an entirely different universe than those of Canadian soap Degrassi: The Next Generation (which lives up to […] Read more »

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What does it mean, to be a bitch? Because, sure, sometimes there’s no better word to use when describing some of the pettier interactions between women, but maybe, sometimes, being a bitch isn’t such a bad thing. In Strike.TV’s recent acquisition Imaginary Bitches, Eden (Eden Riegel) […] Read more »

You know, you’ve gotta give the WB a hand for championing original web content, and I typically enjoy what it has to offer. But every once in awhile, something tragic slips onto the schedule. Pushed, which the WB premiered in January before releasing all 25 episodes […] Read more »

If you think about it, the America of the 1930s wasn’t so different from the America of today: shaky economic climate, unstable political situations, but renewed hope thanks to a recent political shift. So while in this Obama-led era of modesty and frugality, the excesses demonstrated […] Read more »

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It takes talent to complain in an entertaining fashion — the difference is what got Jerry Seinfeld a network sitcom and his imitators booted from open-mic nights. Fortunately, creators Luis Esteban Caffesse and Cliff Wildman have found the right balance of clever observation, self-awareness and rage […] Read more »

Let’s be clear about this right up front: Bromos isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel. The new web satire simply takes MTV’s Bromance, a celebration of consumerism-fueled man-love featuring Hills alumni Brody Jenner, and pushes the homoeroticism to the next level in order to execute its satire. […] Read more »

Sometimes it seems like celebrities can’t help but get involved in political causes. But there’s a big difference between a starlet wearing a “Save Darfur” t-shirt and what Mia Farrow’s been doing on YouTube the past few weeks. The 64-year-old star of Rosemary’s Baby and Woody […] Read more »

According to legendary 19th century Russian playwright Anton Chekhov’s primary principle of drama, when two characters make a sex tape, it is an invariable conclusion that said sex tape will get accidentally sent to everyone they know. OK, yeah, Chekhov was actually talking about loaded guns, […] Read more »

Some sporting events aren’t particularly well-suited for online video distribution. Football has too many stops and starts. A hockey puck is practically invisible on a YouTube screen. But horse racing, with its short run time and breathless action, makes for video that pops no matter the […] Read more »

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