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I tragically missed Stephon Marbury’s lifecast last Friday — mainly because I didn’t know who Marbury was at the time. But the NBA free agent (that’s basketball for “unemployed”) has developed a notorious reputation in the sports world, forced to testify in Isiah Thomas’ trial for […] Read more »

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Women sick of yogurt commercials found a hero last year in Current TV’s Sarah Haskins’ series Target Women. And last month, gay men were given an equally funny and passionate voice with the addition of Bryan Safi’s That’s Gay. Like Target Women, That’s Gay is one […] Read more »

As Hollywood has brought nerd culture to the mainstream with close to a decade’s worth of superhero blockbusters, it’s become slightly harder to spot the difference between a real nerd and the casual viewer. But trust me when I say that Matt Campagna and Anastasia Tubanos, […] Read more »

Sometimes you watch the pilot of a series and know exactly where it’s going to go. Other times, you watch the pilot and have no clue how the series will shape up over the course of its run. And that is when the wise reviewer of […] Read more »

Michael Jackson reportedly died of a heart attack this afternoon at the age of 50, leaving behind an amazing discography and a complicated life story. Today, personally, I’m gonna focus on the former. After all, the man made one hell of a music video. Jackson had […] Read more »

The original The Show With Ze Frank was described by one of Frank’s many “sports racers” as “one wacky conversation and one hell of a fun ride,” thanks to a lethal combination of high-end interactivity and Frank’s askew sense of humor. And like a wannabe starlet […] Read more »

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