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The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation this week launched, which gives online viewers unique access to the Academy’s vast stores of oral histories, recorded on video for posterity. I’ll be upfront and say that I haven’t watched all of these videos — but […] Read more »

Any young lady who grows up in that region of northern California known as Silicon Valley gets a whole lotta mileage out of “Valley Girl” puns. To the best of my knowledge, though, Jesse Draper — daughter of venture capitalist Tim Draper of Draper Fisher Jurvetson […] Read more »

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How do you craft a video conversation among four out of 10 extremely opinionated women, all of whom live in different area codes? That’s the challenge Rob Morhaim faces every week as the executive producer of DECA’s Momversation, which distills the mommy blogger phenomenon into a […] Read more »

Today we’re going to focus on one specific artist who’s transformed the concept of mash-ups into his own special genius. The Australian electronic music artist Pogo rose to notoriety two years ago with his first video, an remix of Alice in Wonderland as trippy as its […] Read more »

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One of the more patriotic videos of the summer comes from the site that brings you extreme video game satire and unfiltered Andy Dick. 00Bama, a James Bond-esque reimagining of our 44th president as one smooth super-spy, premiered Monday on, and while it has yet […] Read more »

Beck is an odd musician to get a handle on — his 20-year career is a mishmash of pop commercial success and indie experiments. But it’s clear the man loves music the way Quentin Tarantino loves movies, and thus his latest experiment is one to follow. […] Read more »

There are many approaches to comedy, and the “kitchen sink” one definitely has its pitfalls. The instinct to throw tons of wackiness at one particular concept can mean the truly funny gags get buried beneath less inspired jokes. But if you can hit the right balance, […] Read more »

As the first animated show nominated for the Best Comedy Series Emmy award since 1961, you’d think Family Guy‘s odds of winning were low. But Seth MacFarlane’s profane creation isn’t afraid to fight dirty, today releasing the first in a series of six videos meant to […] Read more »

OK, maybe the guys at Big Fantastic shouldn’t hit up Stephen Sondheim for advice just yet. But when interviewed by APM’s Marketplace yesterday, former Disney head and current Torante CEO Michael Eisner admitted that he’d been approached by a producer with the idea of adapting the […] Read more »

A sad fact of narrative storytelling: A location does not a character make. Which makes it a bit hard to engage initially with Oz Girl, the successful Australian fauxumentary series documenting the journey of a country girl in big bad Melbourne. The first episode consists mostly […] Read more »

We at NewTeeVee have countless ways by which we discover new viral videos — email, Twitter, other blogs, IM, TV, the weekly phone call to the folks back home — but I want to call attention to one particular source that’s been very, very kind to […] Read more »

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