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Embedda-Scare-A-Thon getting too intense for you? Don’t worry, today’s installment doesn’t aim to terrify. Parodying Ghost Hunters and other paranormal series isn’t very fresh — Bumps in the Night has been doing it since last February on Strike TV, and more recently Blair Witch Project co-creator […] Read more »

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Welcome to Embedda-Scare-A-Thon! For the week leading up to Halloween, NewTeeVee Station will be reviewing web series appropriate to the season. Stay tuned for five days’ worth of chills! When I interviewed the stars of FearNET’s new web series Fear Clinic last summer, the one unresolved […] Read more »

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If you’re like most people, the films and TV shows of your generation defined large chunks of your childhood, but when watched through the prism of, well, being a kid, they seemed much better than they actually were. Enter Nostalgia Critic, which picks out a classic […] Read more »

Forty-one years after George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead was first released, zombies continue to be big business — across all media platforms. But it’s only recently that we’ve begun to mine the genre for laughs, and with some success: The post-apocalyptic action comedy Zombieland […] Read more »

The folks at GOOD have always made playfulness a part of their video strategy, creating informative web content that avoids didacticism by using, for example, a naked girl’s body to relay facts about Internet porn, or an animated host to read the news. And while their […] Read more »

There were more than a few comments about the changing nature of entertainment during the 2009 Emmy Awards tonight, but Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion brought it into sharp relief with a pre-recorded sketch featuring cameos from Horrible co-stars Felicia Day and Simon Helberg, a […] Read more »

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