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Recent coverage of popular and successful YouTube creators making a profit off their content has lead to a backlash regarding the quality of what’s being created. But dismissing YouTubers means dismissing their genius at audience engagement, doing all of web video a disservice. Read more »

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With social media shown to improve ratings for awards shows and tech-savvy Jimmy Fallon hosting, it’s little surprise that last night’s Emmy Awards had enough going on to warrant two-screen viewing. But did seven different live-streamed angles on the backstage action improve the show? Read more »


For most YouTubers, the almighty viewcount reigns supreme — if your video doesn’t break five figures, it doesn’t matter how good it is. It’s an interesting yet at times exhausting attitude — which is possibly why the 0Views blog is so refreshing an experience. Read more »

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Today on the Internet: Blockbuster’s head of digital strategy talks smack about Netflix and Apple, Kyte makes a move for mobile with new Blackberry features and NBC U’s iVillage seeks out women to contribute blogs and vidoes to the site’s new UGC section. Read more »


The act of watching online video on one’s television might experience a serious boom in the next five years. According to In-Stat, by the year 2014 57 million US households will be watching online content on their TVs, with revenue potentially reaching $17 billion. Read more »


Dr. Horrible collaborator Jed Whedon, in between writing for television and helping Felicia Day make music videos, has kept busy with his own projects. And his new self-published album, entitled History of Forgotten Things, represents a sincere effort to create compelling original music. Read more »


Maybe they both like that their brand names end in -ix? Netflix and the premium cable channel Epix are currently negotiating a potential deal that would give Netflix “exclusive online rights” to films by Epix equity partners Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate and MGM. Read more »

My Damn Channel

My Damn Channel, the home of web series classics like Wainy Days and You Suck at Photoshop, has closed $4.4 million in Series B financing. The investment is lead by Intuitive Venture Partners, with some original Series A investors also chipping in. Read more »


Today we spotlight Jim Lanzone, who, prior to founding, was CEO of and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Redpoint Ventures. Below, he submits the phrase “nanocasting” for approval, sings the praises of Double Rainbow and explains why using is better than having a brain hemorrhage. Read more »

Scott Pilgrim_s interactive trailer is better than most DVD bonus features

The film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World appears to be faithful to the source material’s emphasis on 8-bit nostalgia. But while the latest bit of promotion embraces that love of retro technology, it’s also the very forefront of modern video interactivity. Read more »

Fred from Fred the Movie |

Oh boy, oh boy, it’s a big day for Fred fans — the trailer for Fred the Movie, which will air on cable channel Nickelodeon this September, is finally online. But something seems different about the pre-teen sensation… Read more »

FilmFan - MSN

Next New Networks’ newest film-focused web series isn’t anywhere to be found on — or YouTube, or any of the site’s many other distribution partners. Instead, MSN Film Fan, hosted by Maribel Arber, is running exclusively on Read more »


Dan 3.0, Revision3 and YouTuber Dan Brown’s daily experiment in crowd-sourcing content ideas, has gotten off to a solid start this week. site traffic doubled on Monday when the show launched, and over 5,000 suggestions have been made for activities. Read more »

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