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Netflix announced an expanded license agreement with NBC Universal that expands the conglomerate’s presence on Netflix Instant to include other NBC U programming from Syfy and USA, just one day after Jeff Zucker said NBC wouldn’t be participating in Apple’s 99 cent rental program. Read more »

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If you’re a hardcore cleantech enthusiast, then you’re familiar with GE’s commitment to environmentally-friendly innovation. While the newest episode of The GE Show seems a little bit like an effort to show off that commitment, it does utilize a surprising amount of engaging interactivity. Read more »

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For today’s Five Questions With…, we get some insight from Zadi Diaz, the co-creator and host of Epic Fu, one of web video’s longest-running series. She discusses the importance of net neutrality to online video creators and how HTML5 is helping move things forward. Read more »

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The average, tragically unhip American knows of Jenny Slate from her work on Saturday Night Live. However, if you are not tragically unhip, then you perhaps knew that SNL barely scraped the surface of her talents, which especially shine when she works with her friends. Read more »

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Today on the Net: A third of young Netflix users substitute the service for pay television, Jeffrey Katzenberg lashes out at 3-D skeptics, Project Canvas incorporates as YouView and Time Warner could lose subscribers in the third quarter. Read more »

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Google has acquired the Israeli video tour start-up Quiksee, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Rumors of the sale first started this weekend, but were confirmed today by a post on the Quiksee site, making this Google’s 28th acquisition since last August. Read more »

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Metacafe is announcing the acquisition of Action Sports, Inc., the defunct web video company whose properties include Fans of Go211’s snow, skate, surf and biking videos will be able to find that content as part of the upcoming Metacafe Sports section. Read more »

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Wondering how confident MTV is that its Eventful campaign for Savage County will lead to a television premiere? Here’s how confident: They’ve hired Nina Bargiel, who masterminded the Streamy-winning Valemont transmedia experience, to create another interactive web-based narrative for the upcoming slasher film. Read more »

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It’s Wednesday, the rent’s due and there’s already been plenty of news today. I can’t think of a better time to kick back and relax with some rad dance videos, including an epic celebration of “street dance” and an great montage of classic dance films. Read more »

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