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Twitter is now recommending individual tweets by harnessing the power of its userbase to algorithmically show which ones are interesting. The new Top Tweets account, which will be featured on a new home page that’s currently being tested, shares a small sampling of popular tweets. Read more »

Google, Microsoft, AT&T,, AOL, Intel, Loopt are asking for updates to federal electronic privacy laws to address new forms of surveillance and data collecting. Coalition members would like to defend themselves and their users from forced sharing of data contributed through email and location-tracking services. Read more »

One of the more interesting and fulfilling trends that’s picking up steam is using social technology for social good. On Tuesday Giveo is launching a platform for corporations and foundations to accept donations from and engage with online donors, especially younger ones. Read more »

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When given a choice of login systems, visitors to mainstream media properties such as Slate, Forbes, Newsweek, Discovery, Time and Press Enterprise are most likely to choose Yahoo, according to data collected by commenting system Echo, which helps power such sites. Read more »

What’s next for Google Buzz and Google Docs? Google’s VP of product management for Apps (aka everything but search and ads) Bradley Horowitz gave a bit of a roadmap last night, saying the motto he’s given his team is “We build apps for people, not markets.” Read more »

Discovery Communications may not distribute much of its full-length premium content freely on the web, but the company — which owns TLC, Animal Planet and of course the Discovery Channel — has experimented quite liberally when it comes to mobile. Read more »

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Social web behavior is increasingly filling the need for a traditional search engine, but you can’t monetize the social web by transferring over search advertising. What does that mean for Google, and what are some of the most promising ways startups are filling the gap? Read more »

Yahoo this week described itself to as “laser focused” on bringing local brand advertisers online. Meanwhile, Google’s director of mobile advertising, Diana Pouliot, said that a third of mobile Google searches are now related to the location of the searcher. Read more »

Google Trends says that search volume for “social media” surpassed “Web 2.0″ right in the middle of January this year, though the new hotness has yet to reach the heights of “Web 2.0″ hit circa 2007. But what key changes marked a change in eras? Read more », the fascinatingly simple and popular personal Q&A site, has raised $2.5 million from an impressive list of angel investors: The site, which launched exactly 113 days ago, had 50 million unique visitors in the last 30 days and more than 300 million questions answered. Read more »

“Location wars” between rival services, unmet expectations of the Twitter keynote and the hordes of newbies crowding out regulars were some of the leading threads at SXSW. But I saw three things I think showed us the way social technology will work in the near future. Read more »

LikeCube combines metadata, user activity and personalization to help its clients, such as Qype, the European Yelp, recommend locations on a per-user basis. It works around the idea that the wisdom of the crowds isn’t smart enough to find the right place for everybody. Read more »

Today social technology theorist Clay Shirky delivered a fitting counterpoint to Danah Boyd’s keynote on privacy at SXSW the day before. Where Boyd spoke of the danger of making information more public than users intended it, Shirky talked about new opportunities for sharing information. Read more »

One of the more solid and genuinely useful Internet startups out there, Kayak, was dissected in a report released today by NeXt Up Research for SharesPost. Based on estimated revenue and comparison to competitors, the report estimates Kayak’s market cap at between $705 and $771 million. Read more »

Foursquare, the New York-based location services startup, has more than 500,000 users and 1.4 million venues, it announced today, one year after it launched at SXSW. The company says it had its biggest day ever last Friday, with 275,000 check-ins. Read more »

We know there are lot of entrants in the group deals space — see my recent piece Groupon and the Wannabes — but now the competitors are seriously bulking up. LivingSocial is today announcing it’s raised a $25 million Series B round. Read more »

Facebook redesigned at the beginning of February, moving its search box from the right side to the top middle of its home page, and it seems to have paid off, with the company’s U.S. search queries growing 10 percent in February, according to comScore. Read more »

A little-known white-label mobile social network company is suing Google and Facebook for patent infringement. Wireless Ink, maker of Winksite, says it owns the intellectual property for enabling users to join social networks from their mobile phones through a patent awarded in October 2009. Read more »

Thing Labs has acquired two “passion projects” from former Apple and Google developers to expand social web aggregator Brizzly. Birdfeed, a premium Twitter app, will become the free Brizzly for iPhone app; and Wikirank, a visualization for Wikipedia data from Small Batch, will help illustrate data. Read more »

Did you know that Google Maps’ most-requested feature addition is biking directions, in large part due to a vocal 50,000-signature-strong group of “Bike There” petitioners? The petitioners’ wish is being granted tonight, with bike directions for 150 U.S. cities and 12,000 miles of trails going live. Read more »

Google Apps is moving closer to being an integrated corporate dashboard with the announcement tonight of Google Apps Marketplace at a developer event at its headquarters. The company will give vendors multiple hooks into its own products and take a 20 percent cut of revenue. Read more »

Facebook plans to add friend location information as soon as next month, reports The New York Times Bits blog today. The planned product would offer users the ability to share information with friends as well as APIs to bring in location info from other services. Read more »

Go Tribal, a new social planning service launching today, aims to be more casual than Evite, Facebook events or even Plancast. Users input their upcoming availability by explicitly stating they are “down to hang out,” then the system helps a group reach consensus. Read more »

Now here’s a killer app for the throngs of geeks about to descend on Austin: TabbedOut. The iPhone application allows users to pay for their tabs at local bars. It sounds like the perfect fix for those full-to-the-gills parties SXSW is known for. Read more »

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