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Business 2.0 covers blogging entrepreneurs in its latest cover story, calling the upstarts “Real businesses, with real revenue streams from real advertisers — not overhyped next big things with pick-a-number valuations based on selling out someday to some overenthusiastic big-media sugar daddy.” Writers Paul Sloan and […] Read more »

We got a peek at some cool new Facebook features yesterday and one of them is live today. Each user now can add “notes” to their profile, including text, photos, tags, and comments. Users can also choose one external blog (presumably their own) to syndicate within […] Read more »

YouTube today introduced a new campaign that casts a “pro” as one of its users. Paris Hilton, famous for being famous, has a pop album. YouTube is giving her a “brand channel,” where Hilton appears in a choppy video welcoming visitors and asking them to leave […] Read more »

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Friendster has raised $10 million from new investor DAG Ventures as well as long-time funders Kleiner Perkins and Benchmark, says the Wall Street Journal. This appears to be separate from the company’s $3.1 million recapitalization round earlier this year. The social network, for all the hits […] Read more »

Farecast, the plane ticket price predictor site, is now live in 55 U.S. cities, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Atlanta. The company is building a direct competitor to travel-oriented vertical search engines Kayak and SideStep, but with the added bonus […] Read more »

Top Google executives have sold $7.4 billion in stock in the last 18 months, says Bloomberg. That might have played a role in the stock’s recent decline, suggests Mark Gilbert, especially considering no insider has bought a single share of the company in the same period. […] Read more »

Forbes did a denouement of PubSub, the “prospective” search engine that has come apart at the seams. A public spat over ownership between PubSub founders Bob Wyman and Salim Ismail led to a proposed acquisition by KnowNow falling through. Now, Forbes says PubSub is too broke […] Read more »

Yahoo Photos is now out of beta–so it seems that web 2.0 is really and truly coming to the masses. Yahoo is the biggest photo-sharing service out there, with 30 million unique monthly visitors worldwide, according to comScore*, and more than 2 billion hosted images, according […] Read more »

Web calendar Kiko has put its domain and code up for sale on eBay with a minimum bid of just under $50,000. Web 2.0 is not all launch parties and magazine covers and bubbly! The online calendar space is one of the more crowded spots to […] Read more »

YouTube is working to build a library of every music video ever created, according to Reuters. The content, which YouTube co-founder and CTO Steve Chen said he hopes to acquire in the next six to 18 months, would be offered for free. This being YouTube, any […] Read more »

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One-upping the much-buzzed about “MySpace ecosystem,” college-based social network Facebook has opened up its API to outside developers. (Thanks Marc!) A discussion board is already buzzing with ideas for Facebook widgets and mashups, including address book and music service integration, chatrooms, and textbook sales. The only […] Read more »

Google announced today on its blog it had acquired Neven Vision, a photo recognition firm whose background is in biometrics, for an undisclosed sum. The technology is to be incorporated into Google’s Picasa to improve search of personal photo collections. The company has a strong mobile […] Read more »

XuQa, one of the me-too social networks started post-MySpace acquisition, relaunched today, turning its admittedly raunchy site into one big game. Well, a big contest actually! XuQa members–there are currently about 800,000–play for “peanuts” by adding friends, uploading pictures, winning in one of the sites’ poker […] Read more »

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