More tech Stories is easily most mature online video site in terms of venture capital funding. According to PE Hub, the company has just raised its fifth round. The round, which came out through one of PE Week’s signature habit of rifling through regulatory files, is valued at […] Read more »

Web-made heroine Amanda Congdon will launch the next of her projects, a “a behind the scenes look at her life in L.A. as she juggles new projects in the traditional and new media,” tomorrow. The show, Starring Amanda Congdon, has already hooked up deals with a […] Read more »

Lost Remote mentions a new category in Nielsen’s year-end statistics: top 10 time-shifted prime-time television shows. It’s dominated by NBC and CW, with a more-than-healthy dose of chick TV. And no American Idol, of course, by far the winner in primetime TV. Lost Remote writer Cory […] Read more »

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AdAge has the scoop that two of online video startup Revver’s founders are leaving the company. Steven Starr will remain CEO, but co-founders Ian Clarke and Oliver Luckett and other members of the staff will depart (though apparently some will have consulting roles). Revver pioneered the […] Read more »

Video search site blinkx seems to announce at least one new content deal per week, so we don’t even try to cover all of them. Today CTO Suranga Chandratillake called to say the company had tied up Dow Jones Online, pulling video feeds from,, […] Read more »

One of the newest tech companies joining advertising with user-generated video is San Francisco-based Podaddies (say it Po-daddies, like a Creole sandwich). We caught up with CEO Nate Pagel this week to get a teaser on what the company hopes to do. Pagel is probably in […] Read more »

“The bottom line is that the page view has outgrown its usefulness. The industry needs to embrace change and develop new metrics that measure this new world more accurately,” writes Peter Daboll, Yahoo’s “Chief of Insights,” and former CEO of comScore, on the Yahoo blog. Corporate […] Read more »

Polar Rose is announcing Tuesday that it plans to release Firefox and Internet Explorer plug-ins that make use of its facial recognition technology early next year. The company hopes to build an index of shared photographs online, matching faces with labels provided by its users. Malmö, […] Read more »

VeriSign, a company better known for its security and domain businesses, is launching a content delivery network called VeriSign Intelligent CDN. It’s new territory for VeriSign, but a logical extension of its $62 million purchase of Kontiki earlier this year. Read more »

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Andy Plesser of Beet.TV let us know that he has tied up one of the first arrangements for a revenue share with Google Video. You can see an Allstate Insurance ad following a clip of Plesser interviewing Chad Hurley (second video in this post). Google is […] Read more »

A hilarious, tasteless clip from this weekend’s Saturday Night Live has been the soundtrack to my morning. Sporting ridiculous goatees and sleazy outfits, Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake croon a slow jam about the ultimate Christmas present for their girlfriends. If you’re not easily offended, I […] Read more »

Digital fingerprinting is attracting an increasing number of companies’ time and money, as we wrote this morning. Attributor is the latest startup to join the space, launching today with a WSJ writeup. We haven’t seen proof that anyone has fingerprinting working at scale, and the pre-launch […] Read more »

Public relations firm Edelman has enlisted RSS toolmaker NewsGator to build ad widgets that pull in feeds, ratings, and comments. The joint product, called “Hosted Conversations,” launches Monday. The rather smart idea here is for brands to loosen their grip on their marketing in the hopes […] Read more »

John Gruber of Daring Fireball has been closely following a MacHeist promotion that appears to have made a tremendous profit off selling a software bundle. The software developers were allegedly paid a flat fee, so their estimated share amounts to $80,000 split between 10 different apps, […] Read more »

The Yahoo Mail Beta team says it has improved performance, fixed bugs, and added new features, including keyboard shortcuts. The promised chat integration is still in the works… Read more »

Just stumbled across a great thread on Digg. “fershizzle” posted a link to “THE BEST human beatbox that I have ever heard” earlier today. Within the last couple hours, Diggers have chimed in to add plugs for about 20 different videos of other human beatboxers. My […] Read more »

Who’s Time‘s person of the year? You. Well, those of us who express ourselves online, a group that is rapidly increasing both in number and power. Time‘s Lev Grossman writes, Seriously, who actually sits down after a long day at work and says, I’m not going […] Read more »

Just spent a peaceful evening reading through Time’s Person of the Year issue. Their choice: you. That’s “you” as in user-generated content, web 2.0, YouTube. My initial impression was skepticism — c’mon, it’s a gimmick — but I’m impressed with the cast of characters Time put […] Read more »

Check out this parody of the Dove spot on the evolution of beauty. We came to it via Giovanni Rodriguez, who writes, “Prediction: the mockummercial will become a big thing next year, as more and more marketers get the inspiration to taunt their competitors via YouTube […] Read more »

Here’s one we’ve been tracking for a while: Renkoo, a social planning tool. Today VentureBeat covers its public beta launch. It’s quite pretty. Read more »

Peer Impact emailed to say it is offering its entire music catalog for $0.01 per song and $0.10 per album from now through the holidays. Guba has had some success with a similar cut-rate deal for movies. Unfortunately, they are both Windows-only. Read more »

On the topic of top 10 lists, The Associated Press takes a stab at the “most significant” YouTube videos (or video categories) of 2006. One critique: it includes a few things that really took off in 2005 (Lazy Sunday and the Chinese Backstreet Boys). NewTeeVee heads […] Read more »

Don’t worry, nobody was snooping over your shoulder counting how many times you actually watched the Star Wars kid. In a WSJ column (free today), Carl Bialik picks apart the Viral Factory’s list of the top ten viral videos of all time. You might remember the […] Read more »

Yahoo Music will update its player for music videos at about 4 p.m. tonight. The site is currently fluky while it is being updated. The music video player is ad-supported, and not connected to Yahoo’s existing music subscription and Internet radio offerings. The improved interface has […] Read more »

Women-oriented portal Glam Media has raised a Series C round worth $18.5 million from DAG Ventures, Accel Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, WaldenVC, and Information Capital. Year-old Glam had grown a lot faster than we expected, and currently has 7 million unique visitors per month. Still, we’re […] Read more »

StumbleUpon, makers of the popular toolbar for using collaborative serendipity to find web sites, is applying its model to online video. We think “stumbling” actually works better for video, where it is hard to find new and interesting stuff. We actually surf for video — happy […] Read more »

I’m up at Microsoft HQ with a group dubbed “leaders in various aspects of the web community” for a day that closed with an hour-long conversation with Bill Gates. Gates opened with remarks about recent products, as well as the coming ascension of Ray Ozzie and […] Read more »

Up in Redmond at Microsoft today, I just saw a demo of WPF/E, Microsoft’s pre-launch cross-platform web application builder, which has a lot of rich media support. Scott Guthrie, the general manager of the team creating WPF/E (which he promises will be renamed), showed it off […] Read more »

Amanda Congdon makes her debut on ABC News today, with a videoblog that harkens back strongly to her stint on Rocketboom. It also has pre-roll ads and no rewind or fast-forward. To cap things off, it’s not embeddable, and we can’t find it on YouTube yet. […] Read more »

The latest JibJab project, Nuckin’ Futs, is out, summing up the events of the year as an elementary school musical. The cheerful children’s voices really bring home how much terrible crap went on in 2006! Sing with me now, “The way that things are going, Armageddon […] Read more »

“Venice is live (sort of)…” writes Janus Friis on his blog today. That’s The Venice Project, the eagerly anticipated new Internet TV effort from the creators of Kazaa and Skype. Apply for a beta here, or try to get an invite from one of the lucky […] Read more »

The Venice Project, the much-awaited Internet TV project from the founders of Skype, started bringing in outside beta testers today. The beta program will be viral, with each user able to distribute invites to new testers. As soon as we give it a spin we’ll do […] Read more »

Feeling guilty about whiling away all your time watching YouTube? You’re not alone. Sixty percent of U.S. Internet users watch online video regularly, according to a report released today by eMarketer. That’s 107.7 million people, or 87 percent of U.S. broadband users (the 60 percent we […] Read more »

Some bits that came through our inbox and feedreader over the last day that we thought you might like to see: Pump Audio and Creative Commons join forces to help independent musicians license their work for use in television, advertising, and online productions. Create-your-own-video-sharing-site startup vSocial […] Read more »

Check out Paul live-blogging a Cisco C-Scape analysts conference over on GigaOM proper. “JC is all video all the time” he tells us over IM. JC being John Chambers, of course, for Cisco geeks like Paul. Read the full post for tidbits on “quad play,” a […] Read more »

We put up a post late last night at NewTeeVee about Clipsync, which has $5.5 million in funding from DFJ to make a synchronized video viewing platform. If all goes well, no more trying to press play on your TiVos at the *exact* same time as […] Read more »

MingleNow, a web platform for planning social outings, is formally launching Tuesday. The site, made by marketing company Blue Lithium, has been open for a while, and we’ve taken it for a spin or two. We like the hook, which is to connect people around the […] Read more »

Clipsync just launched a WebEx-like experience for watching online video. Many people are working on products to make web browsing more social; video is one place where it really makes sense. No virtual buttered popcorn odor, but that would be gross. Clipsync comes from a team […] Read more »

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