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The big news today at Macworld was the Apple iPhone, but we also got the specs on the Apple TV (nee iTV), to be available next month. Jackson has already declared it “the leader of the pack.” The brick has 720p high def, a 40 GB […] Read more »

* Keynote over. * Dropping Computer from company name, now just APPLE * Will try and sell 10 million in 2008. 1% market share in the mobile phone business. * Multiyear agreement exclusive with Cingular * Cingular CEO on Stage. Stan Sigman says started talking about […] Read more »

MediaZone, an enabler of subscription online television services for companies such as NBC Sports, is set to announce Tuesday it is beta-launching an ad-supported P2P streaming online television network. The idea is essentially cable-style television offered for free online. As opposed to on-demand efforts such as […] Read more »

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Hearst Magazines bought eCRUSH’s group of youth-oriented websites, the company announced today. eCRUSH says it has 2.4 million users — which I would assume includes me, circa fall 2000 — and 1 million monthly visitors across eCRUSH network sites — which definitely doesn’t include me. Guess […] Read more »

VeriSign has been active on the content delivery front following its announcement of a hybrid P2P-traditional CDN service based on its acquisition of Kontiki. VeriSign says via email it will be collaborating with Adobe for delivery of Flash video “including movies, TV shows, broadcast media and […] Read more »

ChaCha has raised $6 million from Jeff Bezos’ Bezos Expeditions and individuals, the company is formally announcing Monday. ChaCha is kind of like a search engine mixed with Google Answers — it depends on human intelligence, but not the wisdom of crowds. Read more »

Katie’s got the report from CES on Verizon’s Vcast Mobile TV over on GigaOM. She pokes a few holes in the initial presentation — an unclear but probably steep price point, fuzzy plans for incorporating user-generated content, and Verizon President and COO Denny Strigl’s admission that […] Read more »

Have you heard about the Get NewTeeVee on Your OldTeeVee contest yet? We’ve got five first-place prizes: invites to the Venice Project for the NTV team’s favorite PC-to-TV setups. These are the rules: send us a picture of on your television and tell us how […] Read more »

Wallstrip, an irreverent online video show where “stock culture meets pop culture,” is getting into the money game itself, raising a little over a half a million dollars, and will create more financial and VC focused shows. Get full the scoop on NewTeeVee. Read more »

Wallstrip, a three-month-old online videoblog about the stock market, has raised a little over a half a million dollars in funding, creator Howard Lindzon told NewTeeVee Thursday. Wallstrip takes a much more anecdotal than analytical approach, focusing each day on a single stock trading at an […] Read more »

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Daylife, a stylized news aggregator that is the closest thing we’ve seen to a webified newspaper, beta-launched this morning. Daylife is a meatier version of aggregators such as Google News,, and Techmeme, offering tools for pivoting around information by story, characters, time, popularity, photos, and […] Read more »

At the request of model and ex-wife of Ronaldo Daniela Cicarelli — who was in a sex tape with her new boyfriend that kept cropping up on YouTube despite her requests to keep it off — a Brazilian court has ordered YouTube shut down. While that’s […] Read more »

A Brazilian court agreed yesterday that until YouTube completely removes a sex tape, it should be shut down, according to Reuters. The tape shows Daniela Cicarelli, a model and ex-wife of Ronaldo, having sex with her boyfriend at the beach. Cicarelli sued last year to get […] Read more »

With no more opportunities left to build another YouTube, pre-launch startup Twistage wants to take advantage of everyone’s fascination with YouTube to build its functionality into other sites. Get the scoop on NewTeeVee. Read more »

NewTeeVee recently came across a stealthy newly funded video startup called Twistage, which aims to sell white-labeled video functionality for any Web site. It plans to officially launch next month. The company, dually based in San Francisco and New York, provides a customizable video platform, including […] Read more »

The Iraqi government has arrested the person who used his cellphone to videotape Saddam Hussein’s execution, reports the Associated Press. The man, whose film disturbed the world and instigated Sunni protests around Iraq, “was an official who supervised the execution and now he is under investigation,” […] Read more »

A niche video content company called Next New Networks (which crazily enough is already the top Google result for its incredibly generic name, sans quotations marks) has received $8 million in funding from digital media VC firm Spark Capital, according to various reports. The company, led […] Read more »

Looking for a beta invite to the Venice Project? We’ve got a few handy. To make it interesting, we’re holding this site’s first contest: Get NewTeeVee on Your OldTeeVee. Here are the rules: send us a picture of on your television and tell us how […] Read more »

A core tenet of NewTeeVee is that video is an effective way to tell a story. That goes for everybody from big corporations like Starbucks on down, especially now that it’s so easy to make your film available to viewers using sites like YouTube. This morning, […] Read more »

Vidmeter is a new tool for monitoring popular online video by aggregating the number of times a video is seen across 10 of the most popular video sites. It’s officially launching Wednesday. Vidmeter was created by one-man Website machine Bri Holt. Holt recently sold his Socialmeter […] Read more »

While the most interesting thing about Mozilla is most definitely its excellent Firefox browser, it’s also noteworthy that the non-profit makes quite a bit of money. Today, Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker wrote on her blog that the Mozilla Foundation (which owns the subsidiary Mozilla Corporation, created […] Read more »

After wondering why we hadn’t heard from browser preview startup Browster for a while, we have confirmed with a source familiar with the company that it is done. We don’t yet have a response to multiple requests for an official comment from Browster itself. However, evidence […] Read more »

Going to the Web for the uncensored version isn’t always a matter of off-color humor. This weekend, after Saddam Hussein was executed, a cellphone video that kept rolling after the former Iraqi dictator dropped from the gallows quickly became available online. In contrast, American television networks […] Read more »

Co-written with Paul Kapustka. Bonjour, madames et monsieurs. Would you like a look at our menu of online video for the next 12 months? You may choose prix fixe or a la carte, whatever you wish. It’s a mixed-metaphor extravaganza! Read more »

One interesting phenomenon in 2006 was the emergence of user-generated commercial contests, such as those for Firefox and Converse. In 2007, the stakes will be raised significantly, with fan commercials being shown during the broadcasts of the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards. Read more »

We’ve gotten multiple tips today that Google’s Orkut, the social network known primarily for its popularity in countries like Brazil (and in some circles, for its unexpectedly high Alexa ranking), has had some extended downtime. A post on the Orkut homepage claims the site is under […] Read more »

Google posted to its official blog to better explain its year-end Zeitgest search list. The description originally given when the list was released last week was irresponsibly sloppy, leading many to label it as the search engine’s most popular searches of the year. The ranking was […] Read more »

Over on NewTeeVee, we check in with the gang at Dabble and find out about a new business model they’ll be rolling out in January. It’s fun to spend time with startups over the holidays, when most everyone else we’d try to call is enjoying some […] Read more »

Video search startup Dabble is branching out into providing conversation tools for groups, including corporate sponsors. The company plans to beta-launch a new product, Dabble Groups, in January. This is a deviation from Dabble’s strategy to date, which has been building an audience for video search […] Read more »

Blog search leader Technorati was beaten by Google Blog Search for the first time last week, according to Hitwise. Late December statistics seem even less reliable than regular statistics, but it’s worth a mention. Hitwise Research Director LeeAnn Prescott attributes most of Google Blog Search’s growth […] Read more »

Lou Cabron of 10 Zen Monkeys offers a list of the five worst vlogs of 2006. The choices are all over the map, with gratuitous swipes at Rocketboom hosts past and present. It’s deliciously harsh. Amanda Congdon’s new show is the equivalent of deciding that Lite […] Read more »

Retail stores are where you sell things, right? Not in this century, they’re not! Verizon has opened two mall-front properties to showcase its FiOS IPTV offering “with little advertisement or fanfare,” says this AP story. FiOS is the fiber-to-the-home service Om reported on yesterday, saying its […] Read more »

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: online video discovery can be a challenge. Now, in the vein of Digg, StumbleUpon, and newcomers like Viral Video Chart, memetracking sites Megite and Tailrank are adding video sections. Both sites portray online conversations by clustering related […] Read more »

Rocketboom founder Andrew Michael Baron has posted another proclamation regarding his new Abbey Corps studio network project, which we mentioned last week. Baron says he thinks the networks like PodShow and PodTech are too focused on the business side of things, at the expense of creative […] Read more »

Some young startups up north have downsized, John Cook of the Seattle PI reported this week. Layoffs aren’t peculiar on their own, but it seems that more than one company has let people go. It could mean — gasp! — it’s a trend. Blue Dot, the […] Read more »

Yahoo PR emailed to say users can now edit Yahoo Local listings and add their own ratings and reviews, collections, photos, and tags directly. Says the company, “For quality control purposes, these suggestions do not change a listing permanently, but are included as notes that can […] Read more »

The Rocketboom feuders are competing for headlines today in the little world that cares about them. We’re obliging over at NewTeeVee with a Q&A with Amanda Congdon on the eve of her new show, as well as a report on Andrew Michael Baron’s new network studio […] Read more »

Rocketboom founder Andrew Michael Baron and VoIP entrepreneur Jeff Pulver are putting together a network studio called Abbey Corps. Hey, why let collaborator-turned-enemy Amanda Congdon have all the pre-Christmas weekend bucketloads of attention to herself today? Baron promises a slow reveal of the project on his […] Read more »

Update: Congdon’s first video is up on the new site. In it, she asks New Yorkers “Why do you think you’re Time Magazine’s Person of the Year?” Her conclusion comes in a voiceover; she’s taking “you” back. “Not everyone participated in the media revolution. Gosh, many […] Read more »

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