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Each winter, the Mavericks big-wave surf contest is held in Half Moon Bay, California, with surfers and fans alike getting only a day’s notice when the swells are right. For years I’ve hoped I’d take the day off and drive a few miles down the coast […] Read more »

Last weekend we caught up on the adventures of Lonelygirl15, where the plot has thickened, to say the least. Crazy cult stuff, a murder, hooking up with Daniel, and lots of interactive mystery clues. The team is doing its best to keep the gag going, and […] Read more »

If the Associated Press were to start its first videoblog, what do you think the subject matter would be? Real-life newsroom tales? Leftovers from interviews with famous people that didn’t make it into the wire story? Nope. The AP’s first videoblog, airing this Thursday, is a […] Read more »

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Startup vSocial, which sells white-label video-sharing solutions, also has a destination site where it plays with new features. Today, the company launched something kind of cool — a way for users to clip and “quote” pieces of video, adding tags and inline comments. Far more robust […] Read more »

Stuff from ’round the web today: Dailymotion, everyone’s favorite source for content that’s been removed from YouTube, is cleaning itself up and cutting its first licensing deals. Today it announced an ad-share agreement with Warner Music Group, everyone’s favorite dealmaker. Google is expanding its Adsense testing […] Read more »

Your phone buzzes, and you learn your pal Suzie is out at lunch. It buzzes again, and you find out your web calendar is going through an outage. The wonders of invasive-by-choice technology! What are we talking about? The observation that an increasing number of companies […] Read more »

A Paris-based startup called Advestigo has packaged its digital video fingerprinting technology in a $15,900 (and up) appliance to be hooked up to video networks (warning: link is to PDF). The company claims each box would be able to handle 3,000 uploads per day. Video fingerprinting […] Read more »

In this morning’s stories on NewTeeVee I mention no less than five companies whose name started with “pod”: PodShow, Podtrac, Podbridge, Podscope, and Podzinger. Seriously, they should just put smush those three letters onto one key on my keyboard! The funny thing is, the two companies […] Read more »

Kiptronic, a San Francisco-based startup that coordinates dynamic ad insertion for audio and video podcasts, will announce today or tomorrow that it has raised $4 million in venture capital funding. The Series A round was led by Blueprint Ventures and Prism VentureWorks, and included existing angel […] Read more »

Last week, we saw a pretty exciting demo of a brand-new “AdSense for video“-enabling technology from speech recognition firm Nexidia. Sure, the demo depended on canned examples, but the product had only been available for three days at the point Drew Lanham, senior vice president of […] Read more »

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Dear readers, We here at NewTeeVee Virtual HQ want to drop a note to apologize for any hiccups on the site. Over the weekend we moved NewTeeVee to be hosted on, and encountered a few unexpected issues. Most notably, for those of you wondering about […] Read more »

Andrew Michael Baron, sometimes overly open about his personal business, posted an interesting disclosure on his blog this morning: his raw revenue numbers. Rocketboom brought in $247,412 in 2006 (well, the working was unclear so this could be his personal take, but since he’s the business […] Read more »

Showdown at the Walled Corral: Since people watch one because they love it and the other because they hate it, Bill O’Reilly and Stephen Colbert appearing on each other’s shows last night was a very clever exploitation of what I think people in ‘the biz’ like […] Read more »

Ze Frank, whose top-notch year-long videoblog ends in two months, has been busy making plans to go Hollywood. The New York Observer gives us the blow-by-blow on his signing with United Talent Agency and embarking on a slew of pitches. It’s funny, they treat Frank as […] Read more »

Yeah, you read that right. $59.5 million is the amount of online video startup Brightcove‘s Series C round. Om has the story over on the mother ship. He had previously gotten wind of the deal while it was still in the works in November. Brightcove is […] Read more »

We stumbled across YouTubed copies of some professional football raps from the ’80s last night. If you’re old enough to remember them, it’s a blast from the past. If you’re young enough to be totally shocked, believe me, it’s still worth it. The Bears, so far, […] Read more »

Newsweek has already declared 2007 year of the widget, and lots of little companies are hard at work, trying to make it all real. Israeli startup Musestorm, is launching a platform later this week that will allow you to widgetize any RSS feed, and create web […] Read more »

Yesterday we took note of an early report from Variety about Netflix’s digital addition to its DVD rental business. Now that all the major news outlets have taken their turn, we’ve learned a few more details about the cost and logistics of the new “Watch Now” […] Read more »

Barack Obama today launched his presidential bid using this year’s preferred method: an online video. The Illinois senator posted a Brightcove clip to his official site. “I’ll be filing papers today to create a presidential exploratory committee,” is the official announcement. What does Obama’s choice of […] Read more »

Boxxet, one of a growing group of sites using human and/or machine input to create dynamically updated vertical portals, is officially launching this week. The company has raised about $1 million to build a library of microsites that compile resources from across the web on a […] Read more »

Variety is the first to report on solid details of the long-expected Netflix digital download service, which “will be rolled out over the next six months.” Netflix chief Reed Hastings has previously complained that the terms attached to digital downloads were too onerous; it appears he […] Read more »

The Venice Project can’t escape hype, with GigaOM and NewTeeVee no exception. Finally, the online television startup from the founders of Skype has a production name: Joost. Of course, the premature hype streak lives on, as that URL is still password protected. We have some new […] Read more »

Boston-based startup Adesso Systems will launch a product called “Tubes” this week, bringing many applications that have recently migrated onto web browsers back into a piece of desktop software. Tubes works like much of the personal P2P and personal file-syncing software we’ve covered, though it does […] Read more »

Who’s behind My Box in a Box, the spot-on parody of Dick in a Box? Turns out it’s another lonelygirl15-esque team. Check out the love they get from Keith Olbermann on MSNBC: Check out Eat the Press for a rundown on the whole “Bunny” cast and […] Read more »

User-generated video growth is set to tail off, despite being a relatively new phenomenon, according to a new report from British market research firm Screen Digest. At the end of 2006, user-generated videos made up 47 percent of the U.S. online video market (updated) of 12.5 […] Read more »

Boulder-based TechStars announced itself today, following in the footsteps of Y Combinator with a Colorado summer camp for startup founders. Y Combinator has had varied results, see for example Reddit and Kiko. Read more »

How to deal with free online distribution? Hollywood has hardly made up its mind on an approach. The methods are certainly getting more formal. While waiting for YouTube to roll out its promised automated takedown service, NBC employs three people responsible for trolling YouTube in search […] Read more »

OkCupid, a free online dating site, has raised $6 million from a group of angels, CEO Sam Yagan told GigaOM. Each time I talk to Yagan about his new company, he pulls out some variation on the same line: “Our goal is to reduce GDP by […] Read more »

These days, it’s rare to come across a startup in the online video space that’s doing something we can’t name five competitors for. But it happened this week with SideKlick, whose concept of providing relevant video based on cues from instant messaging conversations is just wacky […] Read more »

Do you love online video? Can you string words together in informative and entertaining ways? We here at NewTeeVee are looking to expand the team. If you’re interested, send clips to Read more »

A couple nights ago while I was waiting for a call from Lindsay Campbell of Wallstrip, Om IMed over a new financial videoblog for me to check out: BigBigNews, with a bouffant-clad guy asking for stock picks from people living on the street. Watch BigBigNews (below) […] Read more »

Brazilian Daniela Cicarelli — made famous for her marriage to Ronaldo, if not her modeling…or was it her MTV hosting? — has become infamous for using the courts to shut down YouTube in Brazil. This is a story we first posted on last week, after a […] Read more »

eBay is set to pay more than $300 million for online ticket seller StubHub, according to the Wall Street Journal. StubHub made about $10 million on selling $400 milion worth of inventory last year, says a WSJ source. Read more »

Great piece by Paul Boutin on Valleywag about Apple cleaving to the calendar of its new competition: the consumer electronics industry. The utter unavailability of the Apple devices announced today is definitely a story unto itself. Read more »

Remember when everyone was all excited about user-generated content? Wasn’t that, like, last week? Oh wait, it was today, at CES. Well, nobody told Steve Jobs. His keynote introduction of a couple high-profile digital media devices today featured approximately zero non-pro content. Over at Moscone, it […] Read more »

With a fleet of Macs running our business and a dedicated Machead at our helm, the GigaTeam definitely tunes in for MacWorld. Granted, we crack up when we walk by the elevated glass cases holding precious iPhone protoypes surrounded by crowds of worshipers (see photo below)…but […] Read more »

With a fleet of Macs running our business and a dedicated Machead at our helm, the GigaTeam definitely tunes in for MacWorld. If you’re looking for Macworld coverage today, you’ll get a large dose of it across the GigaOM network. Granted, we crack up when we […] Read more »

Got a demo of Office 2008 for the Mac at Macworld today. There’s no fancy ribbon interface like the new Windows Office, but instead an “elements gallery” with animated scrolling access to various menus. It’ll be available “in the second half of 2007.” Sheridan Jones, group […] Read more »

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