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Earlier this week, Om called social networks a feature. It’s a good point, though, one that seems all too obvious to someone like me who’s covered way too many social networks and often ends up bored before making it through yet another registration form. But one […] Read more »

Earlier this week we rounded up somewhat conflicting studies about online video’s effect on television, asking “where’s the beef?” Well, before the week is out, we already have some more data to play with, addressing kids’ TV habits. If you’re ready for a new topic, check […] Read more »

Cisco said tonight it had bought Five Across, a white-label social networking platform, for undisclosed terms. Last we remember, the company made desktop software for blog publishing, but that was a long time ago. Read more »

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So there was this guy who mounted a big campaign to propose to his girlfriend on national television during the Super Bowl. He actually got pretty close to his goal, with CBS apparently calling him multiple times throughout the game to say his ad might air. […] Read more »

Israeli startup AniBOOM has raised $4.5 million for its emerging online animation community, which it hopes to turn into a distributed animation studio. The company has a number of interesting projects in the works, including a just-concluded contest that attracted 2,000 animators from 72 countries and […] Read more »

Earlier this week we sat down with Evan Krauss, the CEO of San Francisco-based Cuts, who seemed remarkably calm considering his upcoming release schedule. The online video editing service his team makes is supposed to go into private beta Friday, and public beta a week from […] Read more »

Google filed today a regulatory form registering beneficiaries from its purchase of YouTube to sell stock. In doing so, it revealed approximately how much people with a significant stake in YouTube stand to make from sales of their shares. YouTube founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed […] Read more »

We just noticed that Facebook is rolling out a new feature: gifts, which one member can give to another (see screenshot below). Once you receive gifts, they seem to appear on your wall and in a “Gift Box” portion of your profile. It’s unclear if gifts […] Read more »

Dear readers, Our little baby news site, NewTeeVee, turned two months old this week. We’d like to take this occasion to hit you up for a little bit of feedback. We’re having a blast doing what we’re doing, but it’s a work in progress and we […] Read more »

We’ve been riffing pretty hard on a theme over the last couple days, trying to make sense of how someone can lay claim a viral hit and deal with the ensuing onslaught. But a viral hit does not a career make, much as I love the […] Read more »

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Amazon’s Unbox video-on-demand service will make the leap out of the PC box and into the TV box via a partnership with TiVo, the two companies said in an emailed press release. Subscribers to both Unbox and TiVo will be able to rent and purchase movies […] Read more »

Travel search company SideStep has raised $15 million from Norwest Venture Partners, Trident Capital, Leader Ventures and Saints Capital. As a obsessive airfare deal seeker, I can say that SideStep has excellent features, but poor design, as compared to competitors like Kayak and Farecast. Read more »

Popular social network Facebook is adding video uploads in very limited fashion, asking users to submit their own clips on topics like “who am I?” “heartbreak,” and “life during wartime” to be compiled into a television show. The company is formally announcing the project tomorrow, but […] Read more »

HandHeld Entertainment, a small consumer electronics firm that is buying up web content sites, has acquired video and photo upload site Putfile for $7.1 million in cash and stock, the company announced today. We hadn’t heard too much about Putfile, but were able to speak with […] Read more »

Katie at GigaOM has the scoop that Metacafe CEO Arik Czerniak is stepping down. He will be replaced by Erick Hachenburg, previously of Electronic Arts. Czerniak is remaining with Metacafe “focusing on products and strategy,” but not as chief exec, and said the change “is great […] Read more »

MySpace, which is far more dominant in the United States than in other countries, is launching a pretty cool U.K. contest for a collaboratively made film, bankrolling it with £1 million ($1.97 million) in collaboration with Film4 and Vertigo Films. This is much more extensive than […] Read more »

Move Networks, which has developed some interesting streaming video technology over the last two-and-a-half years, is finally starting to talk about itself. The company helps TV networks get their shows online using its techniques for high-quality in-browser streaming. We had previously written about Move when word […] Read more »

Gigya, which inserts widgets into emails and launched at our Widgets Live conference, has raised $4 million from Benchmark Capital, according to Israel’s Globes. The company has partnered with websites such as pYzam, RockYou, and Metacafe to liven up emails with embedded MySpace layouts, slideshows, videos, […] Read more »

Before the next week hits all of us full-force, we wanted to make sure to note a trio of interesting online video reports that came out last week. Will online video help or harm traditional TV? It’s a matter of whose numbers you use. Below the […] Read more »

Well-funded video startup Brightcove is looking to move from commercial video to consumer video, but its first such offering is not quite ready for primetime. Find about the new product and Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire’s take on the consumer video space over on NewTeeVee. Read more »

Brightcove, having just closed $59.5 million worth of funding, is widening its focus from commercial and professional video to chase the consumer side of the space. This week, the company launched Brightcove Personal, allowing users to set up channels to post their own video. But in […] Read more »

Viacom said Friday it was demanding Google pull more than 100,000 clips from YouTube. The company claimed an outside consultant found the set of videos had been streamed more than 1.2 billion times. Viacom had been in months of negotiations with YouTube, and it seems the […] Read more »

GigaOM staff writer Katie F. called from DEMO to say NewTeeVee should get in touch with one of the presenters, It’s video. It has a community angle and a niche play and a widget strategy. It’s just on the verge of closing some funding. So […] Read more »

Well, it appears YouTube’s posturing toward paying its creators is coming a little too late for some of the site’s stars, who are already making the leap to television. Yesterday FOX announced YouTube star LisaNova is joining its MADtv cast (we first heard about this on […] Read more »

Sorry we didn’t get to this one earlier today, but Farecast, a pretty cool service that helps you predict and ensure the best time to buy air flights, has raised $12.1 million from Sutter Hill Ventures, PAR Capital Management, Pinnacle Ventures, Erik Blachford, Greylock Partners, Madrona […] Read more »

Hayden Black, the creator of mock news show Goodnight Burbank, has signed a deal to create a pilot for the new HBO Online, according to an anonymous source. The source tells us the new show’s working title is “Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Vlog” and Black will be […] Read more »

At a media luncheon on Tuesday, Vince Broady, head of games and entertainment, gave an update on Yahoo TV and Yahoo Movies, both of which were redesigned last fall. Yahoo TV is now seeing 7 million unique visitors per month, he said, while Yahoo Movies is […] Read more »

Yahoo is cooking up new media model — one that involves creating little-to-no content. The company is harnessing its ability to build online audiences around brands, something it trumpeted at a media lunch held Tuesday at its Sunnyvale headquarters. Throughout presentations from the Yahoo Media Group, […] Read more »

Obopay has acquired Billmonk, a web-based tool for settling shared bills. It’s a small deal, but one that I take a special interest in, cause we actually use Billmonk to run our household! (via TechCrunch) Read more »

So you don’t have hundreds of thousands of viewers per episode. If you can’t get a Ninja-level deal, there are a growing number of alternatives. For starters, if you’re willing to do a little shilling, you might be able to bring in a cool $25,000. Jeff […] Read more »

Widgets, or embeddable slices of outside information that update automatically (displaying anything from a picture slideshow to current weather conditions) have their lovers and their haters. We like the way they bring a little bit of the outside world to a page, and have been experimenting […] Read more »

Hitwise’s Bill Tancer reports YouTube is already seeing the benefit of parent Google indexing it into its Google Video search last Thursday. Week to week, YouTube’s market share of U.S. internet visits rose to .64 percent from .54 percent, an increase of 18.5 percent. How much […] Read more »

Personally, I think podcasts are still mostly an inconvenience, but we got pinged about a couple today that sound interesting. Gregory Gallant of Venture Voice does a podcast with Fred Seibert of both Next New Networks and the quality cartoon podcast Channel Frederator. Fred talks about […] Read more »

We don’t usually write about parties, but the Wellsphere launch this weekend was a fun one. Held at the Mission Cliffs climbing gym in San Francisco, the bash was lively and well-attended, as you can see in the somewhat intelligible video interview with Wellsphere CEO Ron […] Read more »

While low prices and huge inventory are the main attraction at, the site’s reviews have emerged as an essential online resource. Now, a new generation of start-ups wants to take on the shopping giant by spreading reviews across the web. As PowerReviews CEO Andy Chen […] Read more »

YouTube CEO Chad Hurley said today his company (now owned by Google) “is going to move in [the] direction” of rewarding video creators for their content, as part of a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos. Attendee Jeff Jarvis taped the statements […] Read more »

MTV is pretty much the granddaddy of short, informal video content, but until this week the channel had never tried posting a web show itself. Yesterday we had the chance to meet (via phone) Matt Sunbulli, an MTV News staffer who’s started the channel’s first vlog. […] Read more »

A lingering question since Google’s acquisition of YouTube has been what the parent company will do with its own video product, which it effectively announced was not good enough back in October. Three months later, we are seeing the first integration. Google writes today on its […] Read more »

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