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izimi, a little piece of software that turns your Windows PC into a media server, launches today. Anne has a writeup at Web Worker Daily. The hassles of leaving your computer on all the time and cutting into your home bandwidth probably make outside hosting a […] Read more »

I had a slight freak-out this morning when I thought my speakers were broken, but really it was just that one of the rules of Vlog Deathmatch‘s Silent Air Guitar Challenge is the submissions have to be, well, silent. Put together by the some of the […] Read more »

The well-funded YuMe Networks is launching today a video ad network, aiming to match video publishers with video advertising using a bit of contextual analysis. It’s not quite a highly automated AdSense for video, as ad placements are based on broad categories and in some cases […] Read more »

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Regular readers know we have a fondness for startups exploring use of smart video search to serve ads that aren’t irrelevant. The Wall Street Journal tackles the topic today, with added detail about closely held startup ScanScout and YuMe Networks. YouTube has signed more than 1,000 […] Read more »

The Onion, the enduringly funny print weekly, will make the jump to video in late March, reports Wired News. Now that is some seriously good news. The video segments will be mined from a supposed 75-year-old 24-hour TV news broadcast run by The Onion, rather than […] Read more »

Venture capitalists keep telling me they’re shying away from online video startups — the business plans are identical, they’re all depending on eyeballs, and the valuations are ridiculous, one VC said to me yesterday. Yet somehow, their money keeps in landing in video startups’ bank accounts. […] Read more »

Blockbuster is again in talks to acquire studio-owned online movie service Movielink for less than $50 million in cash and stock, according to the Wall Street Journal. Blockbuster, having worked its tail off to compete with Netflix in the mail-order DVD business, is looking for a […] Read more »

News Corp is pooling its efforts to show FOX television programming on more than 200 broadcast affiliate web sites, according to a press release sent to us by Fox Interactive Media. In general, local stations have been less than happy with networks selling programs on demand […] Read more »

Web-based word processors add collaboration and remote access to Microsoft Word, but little else. Often, their makers claim stripping down Word for the web is a selling point — they say complicated functions would be better left to a desktop app. But Boston-based startup Virtual Ubiquity […] Read more »

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Google today added traffic details for more than 30 U.S. cities to Google Maps, showing whether a route is clear or congested. Yahoo Maps, of course, already has this feature. Google has included traffic in its mobile mapping apps, such as the one I have on […] Read more »

Despite not offering equivalents on its own site, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has gotten YouTube to take down all its clips of the Oscars, reports Variety. Ric Robertson, exec administrator for the Academy, said the organization had its content pulled “to help […] Read more »

How far can you push a widget? YouTube video embeds, quite possibly the most successful widgets of all time, are seriously failing these days. Click on most any embedded clip, it seems, and you’ll get a “This video is no longer available” warning. Perhaps this is […] Read more »

The internet is a transitory place, but you can generally rely on web pages hanging around for a while. Text and photos don’t start disappearing from online articles at random. Google is aggravatingly good at storing every little bit of information about you that’s ever made […] Read more »

We know we’ve been a little too post-happy today, but there’s a few more things we’d like to mention. Below, news about Revver, Pixsy, the latest YouTube hoax, and Brightcove. Remember all the hubbub about Revver being blocked on MySpace? We were surprised when the ban […] Read more »

Last month we featured measurement from of the top 20 online video sites, according to its panel. Compete ranks according to “sessions” spent on a site, but it’s interesting to note that the number of unique visitors to one or more of the top 20 […] Read more »

Roo Group announced today it will acquire Wurld Media, maker of various content distribution platforms including Peer Impact, for up to $10 million in cash and stock. Peer Impact had gained fame when it snared NBC Universal in November 2005, the first major studio to make […] Read more » is a project we’ve been eagerly awaiting ever since Katie drummed up some details on it for GigaOM in January. Recent stories by VentureBeat and Light Reading are starting to bring the project into focus. We’ll try to get you some more details, but for […] Read more »

Clipmarks, a site for both personal and social clipping of text and photos found on web sites, is adding video support today. Why is this interesting? Basically, the company is taking the work out of saving and sharing video. Along with the capability to grab video […] Read more »

Jason at GigaGamez gets early word that the CEO of Electronic Arts is stepping down amidst stock problems and criticism of the company’s reliance on sequels. Larry Probst will remain as chairman of the board, with the CEO position being filled by old-school EA’er John Riccitello. […] Read more »

We have nothing against ugly people, but video is a visual medium, after all. If you’re in a meat market kind of mood, head over to local gossip blog Valleywag’s “Vlog Hot” feature. The massive beauty contest, facing off some 80 videobloggers, is set to have […] Read more »

Our Monday morning reading of print media sites finds them spending a lot of time on NewTeeVee turf. Here are our quick takes on stories about video syndication, money-hungry YouTube celebrities, the emergence of video resumes, video search, and short films on mobile phones. Google enlarging […] Read more »

Om, writing at GigaOM, is less than optimistic about the new BitTorrent Entertainment Network (not yet live as of this writing — when it actually launches Monday we’ll do a full review). Om thinks the company hasn’t settled the outstanding doubts about ISP demands, ease-of-use issues, […] Read more »

Partnering with Adobe and using their Flex software, Photobucket has added rich video editing tools. Currently run as a beta program available to paid Premium users, Photobucket CEO Alex Welch assured us in a phone interview that all 35 million users would have access in March. […] Read more »

Google is having quite a bit of trouble on the business side figuring out how to monetize YouTube and make it legit. Now it appears to be following up on the technology side, sending Shashi Seth, formerly product lead on search, to YouTube. His assignment? Monetization […] Read more »

Microsoft’s homegrown video-sharing effort, Soapbox, came out of private beta and into public beta yesterday, meaning everyone can go use it. Soapbox is not terribly distinctive, but it helps round out MSN’s set of blogging and other personal expression tools. We had reviewed the private beta […] Read more »

What would be a crazy story by any account — a skydiver can’t open his parachute from a 12,000-foot high jump, crashes into the ground at 80 miles per hour, and survives — becomes all the more gripping with video. In December, professional skydiver Michael Holmes […] Read more »

Black20, an ambitious startup from Brooklyn, wants to show up the big guys, including their former bosses at NBC, by establishing an online video network. These are the guys behind the smash hit “The Easter Bunny Hates You.” See the story on NewTeeVee. Read more »

Hundreds of would-be filmmakers post their videos online every day, hoping to catch the eye of a television exec and make it to the big-time. J. Crowley and Neil Punsalan have been there and done that, and now they’re out to prove it’s a sham. Having […] Read more »

Upstart video search project ClipRoller just posted a first draft of a pretty nifty customizable video homepage. Imagine Netvibes, but with all the widgets dedicated to the latest videos from any search query. Warning: this is a very raw project, but we’re interested enough in the […] Read more »

Fox is cracking down on leaked 24 episodes, and has gotten YouTube’s support. In January, we covered the episodes’ appearance on torrent trackers prior to the start of the season. The shows also showed up on YouTube, and 20th Century Fox Television went to court to […] Read more »

San Francisco-based StumbleUpon is releasing tonight a customized version of its StumbleVideo for the Nintendo Wii. Like efforts from SofaTube and Veoh, the idea is to bring web video to the living room. StumbleVideo is a tool for serendipitous video browsing that learns from your likes […] Read more »

Despite the fact that I eagerly await weekly installments of “The Office” on iTunes, I’ve never sampled from Apple’s growing movie collection. Today that is going to change. OK, it just changed right now, after I wrote that sentence, because Apple added Lionsgate movies, and L.A. […] Read more »

That’s the word from Colorado, where Disney exec Preston Padden informed Paul and the rest of the audience at the Silicon Flatirons telecom conference that DRM is the secret to the company’s online success. Wonder if he’s discussed this with Disney’s largest shareholder, Steve “Abolish DRM” […] Read more », the self-serve white-label web video service we covered earlier this month, has closed a $1.2 million round of funding. The round was co-led by New York Angels and NextStage Capital, and included Chris Anderson of TED Conference (not Wired) fame. We had mentioned the impending […] Read more »

Bolt, an online video startup that’s been made an example of by Universal Music Group, is selling out to publicly traded online video company GoFish for $30 million in stock. Get the full take on NewTeeVee. Bolt CEO Aaron Cohen and president Jay Gould are also […] Read more »

Bolt, one of the larger independent online video sites, is selling itself to GoFish to escape its copyright battle with Universal Music Group. We had been tracking this story as it developed, but the New York Times now reports the deal has gone through. GoFish is […] Read more »

Paul detangles reports that a Google exec supposedly said Internet infrastructure won’t scale to deliver web TV, over on GigaOM. Given Google’s out-front stance on topics like network neutrality and its $1.65 billion purchase of YouTube — two things that would seem at odds with such […] Read more »

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