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What’s going on at Quora, seven months since announcing itself and a month after opening to the public? We visited co-founder Charlie Cheever at the company’s Palo Alto office to hear more about how the company is handling the dueling forces of growth and quality. Read more »

Today the U.S. Copyright Office clarified how it plans to enforce the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, making new exemptions for things like jailbreaking iPhones. But “jailbreaking is legal” is not what the ruling said. It simply said jailbreaking is not a violation of copyright law. Read more »

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Flipboard, the new iPad application that formats personal news streams into readable pages, was a hot ticket this week. Quite a bit hotter, it turns out, than anticipated and prepared for. Since launching late Tuesday, the customizable part of Flipboard has been largely non-functional. Read more »

Trada, a marketplace for paid search consulting, has a special investor in its new $5.7 million third round of funding: Google. Google Ventures is largely independent from its parent, but this portfolio company strikes awfully close to Google’s core business in search advertising. Read more »

After selling Jajah to Telefonica for $207 million in December, Daniel Mattes is onto a new project: payments, with a focus on mobile payments. He started a new company called Jumio, headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. with Mattes and the technical team based in Linz, Austria. Read more »

Google launched a redesign of Google Images that includes “infinite scroll” and image-based advertising today. Though Google Images currently contains more than 10 billion images and sees more than 1 billion page views every day, it had been largely untouched since launching in 2001. Read more »

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Google today announced it had acquired Metaweb Technologies, the ambitious startup building a database of all the web’s information called Freebase. Metaweb was yet another semantic web startup before its time, but with the help of Google it can potentially make a much bigger impact. Read more »

Chris Sacca recently closed an $8.5 million fund to make seed-stage investments in Internet startups. But that’s not the only fund at his newly opened Lowercase Capital (the two-person shop includes COO Serena Lourie). In fact, there are five funds. Read more »

At some point you’re going to step away from the computer and take a break this summer (right? promise us!). Here are some of the GigaOM team’s favorite recent reads for that moment — a diverse list that reflects the many topics that interest our writers. Read more »

Analysts pelted Google executives with concerns about mobile advertising effectiveness and revenue generation on the company’s quarterly earnings call today. Google’s growth in cost-per-click was only 2 percent in the quarter, compared to 4 percent a year ago. Read more »

The handy digital memory software maker Evernote today is launching “Evernote Trunk,” a platform for integrated productivity applications that it will sync with, market and sell. The company hopes to share the success of its freemium business model with developers who integrate with its service. Read more »

As Google has infiltrated many of our online activities — mail, calendaring, search history, blogging and even YouTube viewing — it asks us to use a single Google account. But finally, the company is on the verge of allowing users to use multiple accounts within the same browser. Read more »

“It’s not technically possible” to serve mobile ads without analytics, said Omar Hamoui, the former CEO of AdMob, appearing on stage for the first time since his company passed through regulatory scrutiny to be acquired by Google (where he’s now VP of mobile ads). Read more »

Booyah had its first hit last year with MyTown, the real-world Monopoly-like game for the iPhone. So the stakes were high when the company looked to move to another platform — nobody wants to be a one-trick pony. But in stealth, Booyah already has Facebook down. Read more »

After years of facing the insistent question “But how are you going to make money??” Twitter has opened the floodgates. The latest: Twitter is reportedly considering inviting users to pay for it to promote their Twitter accounts on its own site and on outside clients. Read more »

Google made a significant strategic shift last week to spend $700 million to buy ITA Software and its flight information business. What about other search verticals? Are there other major data providers that Google could buy — perhaps in real estate, sports, entertainment or jobs? Read more »

Yesterday, the Google-owned YouTube launched new mobile and the living-room versions, both of them entirely web-based and accessible from any browser. It’s a big move for an resource-intensive video streaming service to shrug off the benefits of native apps and go exclusively through the web. Read more »

Facebook has acquired Nextstop, a user-generated travel recommendation site founded by former Google product managers that launched a year ago. This comes after Facebook’s publicized non-consummated deal to buy Foursquare, another location startup that’s had much more uptake. Read more »

Arthur van Hoff helped architect Java at Sun, co-founded Marimba, and engineered the application platform at TiVo. Now he’s identifying trends in Twitter messages at The Ellerdale Project. He explains to us why real-time search is one of the most “intellectually challenging” things he’s ever done. Read more »

Flash sales and daily deals are so hot right now. Today Twitter took the wraps off @earlybird, a company-run account that will publish and promote offers from advertisers. Initial offers will be targeted at the U.S., but Twitter promises future location-specific and interest-specific deals. Read more »

Today Bill Gross’ TweetUp announced the acquisition of Twidroyd (a popular Twitter client for Android) and popurls (a news aggregator), both created by a couple of Austrian developers. The acquisition again brings the company into competition with Twitter, which has its own Android Twitter client. Read more »

They say history is written by the victors, but the reality is Hollywood goes for a sexy story. The upcoming movie “The Social Network” is based on the semi-fictionalized accounts of those jilted during the founding of Facebook. Its popularity could make it popular truth. Read more »

It’s all good to talk about the big-picture goals for Twitter but the company is still having problems keeping its service alive in the face of rising usage. Today, after the Netherlands upset Brazil in the World Cup, Twitter admitted to “a period of high unavailability.” Read more »

Twitter users in Asia accounted for 37 percent of Tweets in a recent day analyzed by the French firm Semiocast. While the U.S. is still Twitter’s single biggest country, with 25 percent of messages, Japan is now No. 2 and South Korea and Indonesia’s numbers are growing. Read more »

Superfeedr, the real-time push infrastructure startup, is today launching a keyword tracking system. It’s essentially like Twitter’s long-forgotten Track service for the rest of the web, using the 2.1 million publishers Superfeedr already provides real-time RSS feeds for and their 25 millions updates per day. Read more »

Woot, the O.G. daily deals site, has been bought by Amazon. In an irreverent (as always) announcement post, Woot CEO Matt Rutledge said, “[W]e plan to continue to run Woot the way we have always run Woot – with a wall of ideas and a dartboard.” Read more »

Facebook today rolled out a long-anticipated change to the way its members share information with applications built on its platform. Whereas before, applications installed by users had full access to their profiles, now, applications will have to explicitly ask for personal information they want to use. Read more »

The frothy state of web angel investing has changed the early lives of many companies in the past year, but it’s not clear how much staying power today’s leading class of “super-angel” investors will have. Is this a lasting new class of investors or not? Read more »

Pandora has had a charmed mobile history — the company’s music streaming app is one of the most popular on just about every type of phone out there. So it’s worth hearing Pandora CTO Tom Conrad’s advice about building for various mobile platforms. Read more »

The final panel of GigaOM’s Structure 2010 brought together five people who run a diverse groups of clouds — from Yahoo’s self-contained infrastructure that runs all its sites to The Planet, which offers cloud services for small businesses. Read more »

Hey guys, we should really work together, was Intel’s message at Structure 2010 in San Francisco, where GM of high density computing Jason Waxman correctly identified himself as the elephant in the room (something at least one panelist had called Intel earlier in the conference). Read more »

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