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Former Apple VP Jon Rubinstein will be shifting from his role as Chairman at Palm to the company’s new CEO. As many Apple fans already know, Rubinstein has been a prominent member of Steve Jobs’ core team since his original founding of NeXT in the early 90′s. Read more »

Available today, the iPhone 3G is now available in black at an even lower price of $99.

The new iPhone 3G S is available for pre-order via the online Apple Store in four varieties: 16GB in black or white for $199 and 32GB in black or white for $299. Apple has promised that if you pre-order today, it will be shipped directly to you and you will receive it on June 19th. Read more »

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Given the runaway success of the App Store (if you haven’t heard, just pick up any newspaper, provided you can find one still being printed), I’ve began to give some thought to the feasibility of a Mac App Store. Does it make sense? Could Apple pull it off? What would it mean for developers and for users? Read more »

Hey, everybody! I’d like to introduce myself as another blogger to join the talented team at TheAppleBlog. So here’s the quick rundown all about me. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a bit of a rebel (I left the Twitter bandwagon ages ago, sorry!) but […] Read more »

Answering, in its own way, to the likes of Boxee and others who want some alternative way to view Hulu on their computers, Hulu has announced the availability of Hulu Desktop. Sporting a super-clean UI and support for using the Apple Remote, this free download is […] Read more »

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