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With Apple’s release of operating systems slowing down considerably, some are left to wonder if OS X has any life left to it. Snow Leopard was considered a release aimed at polishing the experience with significant under the hood changes, but what could be next? Read more »

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MobileMe has just gotten a makeover, featuring the new webmail, now out of beta, and a refreshed navigation system. In addition to the new features that came with the Mail beta, Apple has also unwrapped a few additional features. Read more »


With the rumored but still unexpected announcement of iMovie for iPhone 4, it begs the question of what else could be in store for Apple’s iDevices. Could we see iMovie or other iLife apps arrive for the iPad or see iWork show up for iPhone 4? Read more »


Apple, met with limited success of the Apple TV, has called its device “a hobby” but Google, with its Google TV, is forging ahead with what it believes could revolutionize the industry. So how do they compare? Read more »


If there’s even been a more sure sign that new iPhones are coming in the immediate future, it’s the fact that Walmart slashed the price of Apple’s iPhone to $97, representing a savings of $100 if you’d purchased it from them last week. Read more »


With the increased screen real estate of the iPad, it’s the perfect device for playing board games. If you haven’t had a chance to browse some of the great titles available on the App Store, here’s some of our favorite board games to get you started. Read more »


Apple’s famous word processing application Pages has seen its first update of 2010, delivered as a touch-enabled little brother for the new iPad. But how does this version stack up to its OS X counterpart? After testing the app for almost a week, here are my thoughts. Read more »


The line here in Southlake, TX was pretty pathetic, which was just fine by me. Once I was through the doors I tried out an iPad for few seconds and then was quickly moved on to the purchasing process. Here’s a video of the experience. Read more »


For those of you who are just unimpressed with sub-4G speeds on your iPhones (or those who do not wish to upgrade to a new device), consider the Sierra Wireless Overdrive 4G WiFi hotspot by Sprint. Though coverage is not the best at the moment, Sprint […] Read more »


When the fanfare of the iPad launch begins to diminish, eyes will begin to look to the fast approaching summer and seek an updated iPhone. Though rumors of the iPhone 4.0 OS are circulating, there’s been little talk about what could be next for the iPhone […] Read more »


An interesting patent of Apple’s relating to a social networking app surfaced recently. Dubbed iGroups, the app aims to solve the pitfalls of traditional social networks, like Facebook, that require users be a member before being able to participate. Instead, iGroups creates a virtual social network […] Read more »


Though some critics like to vilify Apple for its practice of building devices with inaccessible batteries, the benefits definitely outweigh the consequences for such a tradeoff. The MacBook Pros are rated for up to eight hours of battery life, the iPod nanos get up to 24 […] Read more »

The following how-to video will walk you through the basics of printer sharing on the Mac. You’ll learn both how to set up and how to access printers on a network. We will cover the following points: Setting up Printer Sharing Printing to a Shared Printer […] Read more »


Watching the iPad’s first television spot on the Oscars Sunday night, I got giddy all over again in anticipation of getting my hands on this hot new product. Though it’s still a few weeks away, I’m even more excited for the applications that will be coming […] Read more »

The last stop in our series of better file management through ideas based on smart folders brings us to iTunes, iPhoto and Aperture. All of these apps provide support for organizing your files similar to Address Book and Mail. The beauty of “smart” file management, of […] Read more »


Apple’s original implementation of “smart” file management isn’t just limited to the Finder, and in fact, you’ve probably seen it more often in other applications like Address Book and Mail. Here are some ideas of how you can harness the power of these two applications using […] Read more »

Mac OS X offers a computing experience that, according to many, is still unparalleled by its competitors. Built on a rock solid UNIX foundation and continually adding refinements that make interaction easier, OS X has a lot of powerful functionality that many users were unaware existed. […] Read more »


Frequent visitors to the App Store in iTunes will notice a new look for individual apps. Bringing more of the app “above the fold,” the new look gives more real estate to screenshots, allowing all of them to be seen at a glance or just a […] Read more »


With 2010 around the corner, Apple is poised to begin a new year that should yield lots of great advancements in its consumer software arena. Here’s our predictions for what could be in store for the latest versions of iLife, iWork and iTunes. (These predictions are […] Read more »


January 2010 will mark the four-year anniversary of Apple’s first Intel-based Mac, the MacBook Pro. With Snow Leopard officially dropping support for PowerPC Macs and the next version of iLife and iWork likely to do the same, a perfect storm is brewing where Apple can begin […] Read more »

Of all the file syncing solutions available, one of the most popular is Dropbox. As one of the solutions that is also cross-platform compatible, many Mac users have embraced Dropbox as a more reliable and robust solution than other alternatives, like MobileMe’s iDisk. Diehard Dropbox users […] Read more »

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