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The Zefyr Pro from Moshi is one of the prettiest laptop coolers on the market. Designed for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 15 and 17-inch models, it’s one of the more expensive laptop coolers, too, at a staggering $80. I bought it because my previous […] Read more »

If you’ve ever harbored the desire to write for the silver screen and tried to do something about it, you’ll already know about Final Draft, the showbiz industry’s favorite scriptwriting software. Everyone in Hollywood uses it; Studio Execs, beleaguered Producers, hot-shot directors… even Michael Bay uses […] Read more »

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“There’s an app for just about anything…only on the iPhone.” Words we’re all accustomed to hearing at the end of Apple’s iPhone commercials. Here in the UK, those words got Apple into hot water (again) with the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), who have slapped Apple’s wrists […] Read more »

Jonathan Ive wasn’t always the Grand Overlord designer and demi-God at Apple. Before Ive re-imagined the Macintosh, other talented souls attempted to shape the next generation of Apple products with the clean industrial design for which the company is famous. In the 1980s, Frog Design was […] Read more »

Remember how in 2006, Apple tried to stop Podcast Ready, Inc. from using the word “podcast” because it infringed on their trademarks? For a brief time, there was talk of Apple cracking-down on anyone who dared use the term in their products or services. Apple’s lawyers […] Read more »

For a product as cool as the MacBook Pro, it sure does get hot. Too hot, sometimes. I’ve had many laptops in my time, and I’d never go back to plastic IBM compatibles as long as Apple keeps churning out these beautiful aluminum machines. But heat […] Read more »

Update: Charny has updated his article now saying it is “not clear” if Jobs will attend. In addition Ryan Block, who was apparently there with Shaprio when he was talking about this, completely refutes the idea that Jobs was ever even asked to deliver the keynote. […] Read more »

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The locations of the first Microsoft Retail Stores have been announced. Microsoft’s foray into brick-and-mortar retail will begin in Scottsdale, Ariz., and Viejo, Calif., CNET News‘ Ina Fried reported in an article yesterday. Microsoft confirmed it has signed leases for both locations, where it expects to […] Read more »

Tech specialist publisher O’Reilly is reporting encouraging growth in iPhone and Mac programming book sales, despite an overall drop in computer book sales. On the O’Reilly Radar blog, Mike Hendrickson analyzed figures from Nielsen Bookscan retail sales data. This is data collected in the U.S. from […] Read more »

Apple launched the iPod almost eight years ago, and in that time has never seen a quarterly drop in sales of the diminutive pocket music player. It’s a product line that has so far generated over $38 billion on sales of 218 million units. None too […] Read more »

If you’re getting into the cellular phone business and want to be a big fish in a very big pond, you need to crack China. Mixed metaphors aside, China is an enormous mobile market. According to eWeek, it boasts more than twice the number of active […] Read more »

It seems Windows users are not only at risk from software viruses, but also from antivirus software. Over the weekend antivirus software giant AVG pushed a virus definitions database update to its users that mistakenly identified the library for the Windows version of iTunes as a […] Read more »

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone at the 2007 Worldwide Developer’s Conference, he made a point of letting the world know how seriously Apple would protect its intellectual property. Of course, he did it in inimitable Steve Jobs style, quipping “…and boy have we patented it!” […] Read more »

It just wouldn’t be a normal news week without the rumor-mill churning out more “proof” of unannounced products. For a change, this rumor is not about the fabled tablet device, but instead, it’s about the next-generation iPods touch and Nano — specifically, their happy-snappy new camera […] Read more »

Allow me to set the scene. It’s January 2007. The iPhone has just been announced and the tech world is going crazy. CNBC interviews Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. CNBC: “Let me ask you about the iPhone ... What was your first reaction when you saw that?” […] Read more »

Siliconrumors has posted a news item claiming that its “sources” have indicated Apple is preparing some new additions to its MacBook Air family of laptops. In short, the rumors talk of an integrated 3G radio assembly, allowing connectivity to high-speed cell networks. Also touted is a […] Read more »

How quickly we forget the way things used to be. It was only in early April when Apple introduced variable pricing in the iTunes store, and already we’ve learned to accept that nearly every “popular” song costs $1.29. If you’re not familiar with the subject, here’s […] Read more »

In an article in USA Today, Ron Johnson, Apple’s senior vice president of retail, describes upcoming changes to the hugely popular One to One training and support program. Originally part of ProCare, One to One was launched in May 2007. $99 bought a 1-year membership, granting […] Read more »

Apple is working hard to remodel 100 of its stores this year, according to a report in USA Today. The work will include creating more room for product displays and Genius Bar customer training. Ron Johnson, Apple’s senior vice president of retail, explained that new tables […] Read more »

A news item yesterday on iLounge reports AT&T will be upgrading its existing 3G network to provide a “significantly faster” mobile Internet service. The communications giant is planning to double its current 3G network speeds and expand its cell coverage. From AT&T’s own press release: The […] Read more »

In his “Palm Fights Back” article on CNN Money yesterday, Adam Lashinksy speaks glowingly of Palm and its imminent return to prominence with its so-called iPhone killer, the Palm Pre. He refers to Pre features that, he says, cannot be matched on the iPhone: “snazzy multitasking, […] Read more »

Your first question might be, “Isn’t Zune dead already?” Or you might be wondering, “Why does Microsoft bother?” You might even be asking why there’s a report about Zune on TheAppleBlog. Well, first the news. CNET’s Ina Fried reported yesterday that Microsoft has confirmed its long-rumored […] Read more »

I know, I know, I’m sorry. Yet another tablet rumor report. This time, however, there’s more meat to it, and Business Week’s Peter Burrows is so confident in information coming from sources close to its development he’s now “convinced.” OK, so what? Some people were convinced […] Read more »

Today it’s the foundation for all modern pre-installed Windows systems. It replaced the aging FAT (File Allocation Table) file system with a leaner, meaner standard. It’s more secure, more flexible, and has more built-in gadgets than a Swiss Army Knife. It’s NTFS, of course — the […] Read more »

A year ago I was always the only person in the room with an iPhone. I loved it. All the stares, the curious questions, the tentative requests that began, “Would you mind if I tried it out?” Today I can’t buy a loaf of bread without […] Read more »

Yesterday I was reminded of a song I used to like in the mid 90s by McAlmont & Butler. I hadn’t thought of that track in years, but I figured I should get it. I opened iTunes, navigated to the Store, searched, bought and downloaded. From […] Read more »

Going on vacation used to be such a quaint exercise. You took your camera (plus batteries and rolls of film) and, if you wanted much more than that, you took a notebook to jot down your thoughts. If you had a bit more money, you might […] Read more »

I’m rebooting my life. After 10 years at the BBC, I’m switching careers and running my own business full-time. And that’s not the only big switch going on around here — I’m also moving from Windows to Mac for just about everything. Moving everything to the […] Read more »

It’s been a heady few months. The updates to iWork ’09 and iLife ’09 have, for the most part, been as impressive and inspiring as we’ve come to expect from Apple. I upgraded both suites the very second I could. I can’t tell you how much […] Read more »

As a recent (sort-of) switcher, I’ve been exploring iWork 08 a fair bit, and, with the launch of iWork 09, I’ve really thrown myself into Pages, Numbers and Keynote. For someone who has used Microsoft Office almost exclusively for the last twenty-odd years, that’s a huge change! Along the way, I’ve started to notice subtle – but important – differences between them, but they’re not the nuts-and-bolts workaday differences you might expect… Read more »

I’m obsessed with Cloud Computing. So at this week’s Macworld, the moment Phil Schiller announced the availability of Beta, I was all over it, practically foaming at the mouth as I feverishly bashed the URL into Safari. Read more »

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