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A little over ten days ago Apple launched a shiny new Apple and the Environment microsite showcasing the company’s commitment to greener production and business practise. So I thought it would be appropriate to take a leaf (pun intended) from Apple’s book and look at ways […] Read more »

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According to reports today on ifoAppleStore and French mac site MacPlus, Paris is getting a new Apple retail store before the end of the year. The Carousel du Louvre retail store has been adorned with banner graphics depicting the iconic colours and white click-wheel design of […] Read more »

Yesterday Apple released the latest patches to its iWork ’09 productivity suite, bringing the software up to version 9.0.3. As usual, Apple vaguely mentions improved compatibility and stability in Keynote, Pages and Numbers. Looking through the detailed listing on Apple’s Support site, it appears that most […] Read more »

In an interesting and exciting development, Apple has rehired Michael Tchao, one of the developers of the original Apple Newton personal digital assistant, the New York Times reports. Tchao left Apple 15 years ago. Most recently, Tchao has been general manager of Nike’s Techlab, finding innovative […] Read more »

And just like that, O2’s reign of terror comes to an end. This month sees the end of O2’s exclusive rights to sell the iPhone in the United Kingdom, and Orange has already announced it has a deal in place with Apple to sell the device. […] Read more »

Last week at the IDF 2009 Conference in San Francisco, Intel unveiled a new next-generation data transfer technology dubbed Light Peak. It’s basically an optical subsystem comprised of lasers, modules and probably the odd Flux Capacitor here and there. The outcome is transfer speeds of up […] Read more »

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It took the designer-store concept from Apple. It took the Genius Bar concept from Apple. What’s left for Microsoft to take from Apple as it gears-up to the launch of its first brick-and-mortar retail stores? Well, the staff, of course. According to The Loop, Microsoft is […] Read more »

Poor old Microsoft. You can’t blame them for trying, can you? Back at the start of the decade it gave us its vision for tablet computing in the form of Windows XP Tablet Edition and (via its OEM friends) a series of bulky, underpowered, overly-expensive machines. […] Read more »

No one said Apple’s partnership with China Unicom is exclusive, right? It’s an open relationship. Y’know how it is, dinner dates, the cinema, maybe even occasionally meeting the parents. But it’s totally cool for them both to see other people, OK? And that’s precisely what’s happening. […] Read more »

I was recently asked in a tweet, “Have you completely abandoned Windows now?” I realized, with some genuine surprise, that not only had I stopped using Windows in any meaningful way, but actually stopped using it the moment I got my hands on my first (modern) […] Read more »

Pioneers of the Inevitable, makers of Songbird, the open-source alternative to iTunes, has just secured a new round of financing, saving it from death and placing its platform more aggressively as a competitor to Apple’s venerable media player. According to TechCrunch, Pioneers of the Inevitable’s $8 […] Read more »

Sometimes, owning a Mac isn’t just an option in computing…it’s a way of life. The Apple design philosophy with which we are so enamored — industrial design and elegant, beautiful minimalism — is part of every icon, every pulsing progress bar, every click of the serene […] Read more »

Ooops. Seems I spoke too soon. TidBITS reports that some users who upgraded to Snow Leopard, Apple’s latest incarnation of its Mac OS X operating system, have been experiencing problems sending email using the native email client, When trying to send mail, hapless users have […] Read more »

It has been one week since Snow Leopard’s worldwide launch and, predictably, it appears Apple is already testing its first OS software update. According to a report by AppleInsider, the update has not yet made its way to Apple’s large community of paying developers — the […] Read more »

It’s a bad idea to ask a geek if they “need” some new gadget. Invariably, the answer will be an emphatic “yes!,” followed by all manner of perfectly reasonable explanations as to why. I’m guilty of this behavior. Every self-respecting tech-enthusiast is guilty of it, too. […] Read more »

Good old Gene Munster. He’s just obsessed with Apple, ain’t he? In a note yesterday to clients, and reported by AppleInsider, Munster answers 14 “questions” about Apple that cover such topics as its iPhones, iPods, Apple TV, Retail Stores, AT&T partnership and more. In short, it’s […] Read more »

We love Apple. We love its style. We love its vision. We love its marketing and PR. A generation of the world’s best designers cut their teeth on Apple computers, much as they might dislike admitting their sense of taste was shaped by a consumer electronics […] Read more »

August 2009 will be remembered as something of a mixed bag for Apple. There was Google Voicegate, and the backlash it generated from the tech press and public alike, culminating in questioning from the FCC. On the other hand, Mac OS X’s latest big cat was […] Read more »

There is a problem with making technology – particularly computers – easy to use. The simpler and more foolproof they become, the less technically-proficient users tend to be. There’s that line from Rick Cook’s 1989 book The Wizardy Compiled; “Programming today is a race between software […] Read more »

AppleInsider’s Kasper Jade today reports that Apple has new plans for its workhorse laptop, the MacBook. This will be the first time since the product’s launch in 2006 that the company’s entry-level Mac has received a complete design update. The MacBook is the best-selling computer in […] Read more »

I’m fickle, always switching allegiances to Twitter apps. I’ve been jumping between Tweetie and SimplyTweet for months. Between them, they meet all my tweeting needs. But, long before they existed, there was Twitterrific. It’s been installed on every one of my iPhones, but rarely used. That’s […] Read more »

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