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It took a while for it to happen the right way, but now it has. Apple has teamed up with Live Nation to bring live music to iTunes. Apple has made live performances available before, but they were never organized so well and so easily searchable. Read more »


Shattered glass. Flickering displays. Non-booting machines. So-goes the list of maladies affecting Apple’s brand new quad-core 27” Core i7-based iMacs. Threads over on the Apple Support Discussion forums are alive with complaints and debate by affected users. After hitting the power button, some owners hear the […] Read more »

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Last week the news about yet another non-belligerent iPhone worm did the rounds and people responded by saying things like “How silly jailbreaker’s are for not changing their SSH root passwords,” and “It’s only a matter of time until a worm appears that’s not so friendly…” […] Read more »


Good golly gosh but aren’t Macs expensive? Apple unashamedly caters to the sub-$1,000 computer market and doesn’t compromise on price. So, when our credit card statements arrive, we reassure our guilt-ridden selves that it’s the price we must pay for superior quality. We are, frankly,  discerning, […] Read more »


In what BusinessWeek is describing as “his first extensive interview on the subject,” Phil Schiller, everyone’s favorite Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing for Apple, has defended Apple’s application approval process. I’ve read through it a few times, and I’d hardly call it “extensive.” I […] Read more »


“I’m just wondering why your marketing group can’t do something to try to rein in this next generation, because you’ve got a real bad image out there.” So said a Microsoft shareholder to CEO Steve Ballmer at the company’s shareholder meeting yesterday. TechFlash reporter Todd Bishop […] Read more »


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office yesterday published a patent application Apple made way back in 2008 for “Pushing a User Interface to a Remote Device.” So, then…Smart Remotes. Cool! MacRumor’s Eric Slivka reports that the patent’s lead inventor is William Bull, now Yahoo’s Senior Director […] Read more »


Gotta love that Steve Jobs. He never was one to hold back, and even now, when he’s the CEO of the Universe (or something like that), he won’t be found spouting corporate speak. CrunchGear tells the story of a small software development company called The Little […] Read more »


According to a report this week on The Mac Observer, Apple and AT&T have been presented with a class action lawsuit by a customer who accuses them of misleading the public by advertising the MMS capabilities of the iPhone 3GS despite not making those capabilities available […] Read more »

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Speaking yesterday at the Professional Developer’s Conference, Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie explained what’s really important when it comes to the smartphone business, and it’s apparently nothing at all to do with the number of apps available on any one platform. All the apps that […] Read more »

This is one of those items I find so hard to get behind, rather like the infrequent (boring) updates to MobileMe. But here goes; Apple has ever-so-quietly launched a new web-based front-end to their iTunes music library titled “iTunes Preview.” It allows a visitor to view […] Read more »

The competition is really heating up in the e-reader market. Hot on the heels of Barnes & Noble’s newly-released Nook reader, Amazon last week announced its Kindle branded e-book reader software for the PC. With it, users will be able to read their electronic books on […] Read more »

Two Spanish Apple sites are reporting that the latest build of Apple’s upcoming update to its Mac OS X Snow Leopard software contains references to as-yet unreleased new models of MacBook Pro. Build 10C531 lists “MacBook Pro 6,1” and “MacBook Pro 6,2”, an indication of major […] Read more »

The new week begins with a new Tablet-related rumor that’s bouncing its way cheekily around the tubes. This one comes to us courtesy of New York Times executive editor Bill Keller. According to Nieman Journalism Lab, “…the digital staff gathered for an ‘all hands’ meeting at […] Read more »

In his latest article for the Chicago Sun Times, Mac-afficianado and supergeek Andy Ihnatko discusses LongBox, an iTunes-like comic book online store and screen reader. If you’re into graphic novels, you’ll likely want to know more about this service, which promises to bring order and unity […] Read more »

Right now, as you read this, there are five iTunes-flavored profiles over on Twitter, providing their followers with SMS-length dispatches on music, podcasts, TV shows and other content on offer in Apple’s titan digital media platform. They are, it must be said, almost entirely pointless. For some […] Read more »

Today Apple revealed the Magic Mouse — the world’s first multi-touch mouse. Inspired by the multi touch technology in the iPhone and trackpad on modern MacBooks, Magic Mouse is the zero-button, gesture-sensing, wireless pointing-device of your dreams. Its design is quintessentially Apple. The sleek, minimal lines […] Read more »

It had to happen sooner or later. EA Mobile’s Rock Band is now available in the iTunes App Store. From the EA Mobile web site: Take your band on the road with 20 legendary songs from great bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Lynyrd Skynyrd & the Beastie […] Read more »

The New York Times reported yesterday that entertainment super giant Disney is planning to reboot its entire chain of global retail stores as part of a major new strategy and vision inspired and guided by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. In the current economic climate, most retailers […] Read more »

Enterprising Apple customers unhappy with the inexplicable death of their Time Capsules have taken matters into their own hands and launched a dedicated web site to record and discuss their experiences. It’s called The Apple Time Capsule Memorial Register, and it’s hauntingly beautiful. The site has […] Read more »

It just wouldn’t feel right getting through a month without another lawsuit. Apple is in the firing line this time from Online News Link, which claims Apple infringed on patent No. 7,508,789. Ah yes, good old 7,508,789: “the transmission of digital information through a broadcast channel […] Read more »

Unlike Google, Apple doesn’t subscribe to the “Release Early, Iterate Often” model of software and service publishing. Even so, that’s how things have turned out with MobileMe. On Friday, Apple published updates to its MobileMe News pages detailing improvements to the service. “As part of an […] Read more »

NVIDIA, makers of graphics chips for Apple’s range of iMacs and MacBooks, has announced that it is putting its Nforce chipset development on hold until the conclusion of a legal dispute with Intel, expected to be reached in 2010. At the core of the matter is […] Read more »

Earlier this week, while Apple was distracted with its objections over supermarket chain Woolworths new logo, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office was busy awarding the name “Mighty Mouse” to peripheral manufacturer Man & Machine. According to TechCrunch, Man & Machine was finally granted the trademark […] Read more »

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