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Over the weekend the Apple rumour mill went into overdrive with talk of a MacBook Pro refresh arriving later this week. AppleInsider reported yesterday that Apple informed resellers to expect mysterious new deliveries any day now. But will the update bring the legendary Light Peak? Read more »

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Echoing rumors from late last week, the Wall Street Journal is weighing in with a report that Apple is gearing-up to produce a smaller, cheaper iPhone and introduce a revamped MobileMe this summer. Both moves seem motivated by Apple’s strong competition in the mobile market. Read more »


Finally, after years of rumours and speculation, it looks like Verizon is about to start selling Apple’s iPhone. On Saturday, the Wall Street Journal boldly proclaimed “The iPhone is finally coming to Verizon Wireless.” So what does that mean for AT&T, and for you? Read more »

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Apple has recently been awarded a patent for “administering and maintaining a network-booted operating system.” This could point to the development of a cloud-based Mac OS X. If it comes to pass, what would a cloud-based OS X actually look like and how will it work? Read more »


Who would have thought, in early 2000, that Apple would end the decade as the most valuable technology company on the planet? Join me for a visual history of Apple products throughout the decade, and marvel at the software and hardware design ingenuity that was. Read more »


Let’s be clear; the iPad rocks. If it never changes, I’d still be happy with it. But since we’re at that point in the year when we’re offering predictions and hopes regarding what’s to come, here’s a list of must-have features in iPad 2. Read more »


The three biggest names in global web trends – Google, Facebook and Twitter – have released their top ten lists for 2010. In lists filled with global recession worries and natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, Justin Bieber) it says a lot that Apple is still popping up everywhere. Read more »


We’ve come an awfully long way since the first iPhone was released in 2007. The last three and a half years have seen dramatic improvements in both the hardware and software of Apple’s smartphone. So what more could you ask for? A lot, it turns out. Read more »


According to a new survey, more than half of all smartphone owners are ready to jump ship to another device. iPhone owners are most loyal, with 59 percent saying they’ll stick with Apple’s device. But what do the figures really mean for the market? Read more »


If you own an iPad, you’re probably still enjoying all that iOS 4.2 gave (and lamenting what it took away), but the rest of us are already looking ahead to the future and dreaming of what the next major revision of iOS might bring. Read more »


BlackBerry manufacturer RIM’s CEO Jim Balsillie made waves this week by taking a swipe at Apple at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco. To be fair, Apple CEO Steve Jobs struck first, but are Balsillie’s comments substantive or just a knee-jerk reaction? Read more »


On Friday, Apple released an important software update to iPhoto ’11, which addresses what Apple described as an “extremely rare” problem with iPhoto galleries not upgrading properly and as a result, becoming inaccessible. We’ve also found some solutions for those already affected. Read more »


Remember that data center Apple is building in North Carolina? You know the one; valued at $1 billion and widely expected to play a major part in Apple’s future cloud computing initiative? Yeah, that one. Well, it’s nearly finished. Read more »


“Read Later – ⌘4”. I live my life by it. I find an interesting article but have no time to read it – ⌘4. A crazy-long message in Gmail that’s just perfect for, um, ‘bathroom reading’ – ⌘4. Pretty much anything that demands attention but can […] Read more »


I don’t use any browser on my iPhone other than Mobile Safari. And, unless you have a jailbroken iPhone, neither do you. That’s because Apple’s webkit-powered Mobile Safari provides the browser engine for all the iPhone’s various windows onto the Interweb. So, whether you’re viewing a […] Read more »

Swapping turtleneck for tuxedo, Steve Jobs made a rare public appearance when he took to the red carpet at the Academy Awards last night, spotted first by eagle-eyed social media maven Wayne Sutton who posted to his blog; OMG it’s Steve Jobs! I’m the only one yelling […] Read more »

Yesterday Apple held its annual shareholder’s meeting at its Cupertino headquarters. All the top brass were there to answer questions from the men and women to whom, let’s face it, they must eventually answer. Of course, that didn’t stop Steve Jobs from being his usual tactless […] Read more »


Yesterday, the New York Times published an article examining what it refers to as the upcoming “war” between computer chip manufacturers. It’s an interesting read if you’re desperately into that sort of thing, but what’s most compelling is the assertion that Apple probably invested at least a […] Read more »


When Phil Schiller unveiled MobileMe onstage at WWDC in 2008 and described it as “exchange for the rest of us,” I was sold. Who wouldn’t be? All my email, contacts and calendar data pushed to all my devices, all of the time? My entire digital life […] Read more »


Fanboys, be still your beating hearts; word on the street is that El Jobso himself is (finally!) working on his own completely genuine and official biography. Writing in The New York Times today, Brad Stone reports that the book we’ve all been yearning to get our […] Read more »


There’s a backlash in the tech community against Apple’s iPad. Perhaps because the geeks and tech-heads are disappointed the iPad didn’t meet their every expectation. I wonder though if it isn’t just the result of a lack of imagination. Techies moan endlessly about the iPad’s lack […] Read more »


Bill Gates, in case you thought otherwise, is a genius. He really, really is. Not only was he building a software company at a time when no one believed software had a meaningful future, but his vision of “a computer on every desk and in every […] Read more »

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