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I love my TiVo DVR, so I had high expectations for Nero’s LiquidTV | TiVo PC, a combination of hardware and software that brings the features of a TiVo DVR to a PC. But after testing out a newly updated version of the product, I’m a […] Read more »

Using Behind The Set’s new Kiwi device was a bit nostalgic for me. This small box, which lets you surf the Internet on your TV, reminds me of Microsoft’s MSN TV — a device that was big news when it launched several years ago. Today, MSN […] Read more »

If you own a Slingbox, you’re going to love Sling Media’s site — now in private beta, but launching to the public on Nov. 24 — offers a new, web-based way to watch the content from your Slingbox-connected TV. But does more than that: […] Read more »

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Sonic’s Qflix technology, which allows you to download and burn legal copies of movies and videos direct to DVD, hasn’t garnered much buzz so far. But that hasn’t stopped more hardware vendors from announcing drives with Qflix technology built in. The latest company is Plextor, which […] Read more »

Can’t afford that round-the-world trip you’ve always dreamed of taking? Now you can bring the world to your living room instead: WhereverTV, which offers an online collection of international TV channels, is bringing its service to U.S. TVs with a new set-top box. The company’s $199 […] Read more »

Movie downloads are great…if you want to watch them on your PC, that is. Media extenders and other devices will let you stream content from your PC so you can view it on your TV, but they’re often difficult to install and don’t always work as […] Read more »

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