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If there’s any area of personal organization that web apps haven’t gotten right yet, it’s the contact manager. As web workers, we need to be able to quickly add contacts, and pull them up from anywhere, on any computer. An online contact manager that works smoothly […] Read more »

It’s perhaps the greatest challenge of all web workers: how to productively get work done on the web without getting distracted. Because while the computer and the Internet are two of the greatest productivity tools ever invented, they are also the two biggest distractions ever invented […] Read more »

Recently, Google rolled out a new look for its Google Docs & Spreadsheets software application … not exactly a major upgrade, as the tools themselves remain the same, but it’s still a new interface for organizing your documents. Google Docs is beginning to emerge as a […] Read more »

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If the number of requests to join LinkedIn, the business networking network, that clog your email inbox is any indication, then you know it is becoming a legitimate business tool, and one that most professionals need to effectively leverage to boost their professional prospects. LinkedIn, in […] Read more »

You’re mobile, you work perhaps with multiple Operating Systems, and your work is entirely digital these days. But the pull of distractions on the Internet can ruin anyone’s productivity. To be able to do your work from any computer, set up a virtual workspace online that […] Read more »

‬37signals‭’ ‬online organizer tool,‭ ‬‬Backpack ‬has been a favorite with GTD geeks and web workers for some time now.‭ ‬It’s sleek,‭ ‬it’s cool,‭ ‬it’s got all kinds of Ajaxy goodness.‭ ‬And it can be used in many different ways to make you more productive.‭ ‬There are […] Read more »

If you get a lot of email — and let’s face it, web workers live in their email — it’s likely that you already use Gmail to handle your communication needs. But are you doing it as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can get […] Read more »

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