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It seems there are a lot of people bringing back the familiar cry that “Email is dead” … mostly pointing to the rise of social networks and IM among the younger generation (see also: is email dead?). Many of those who are joyfully proclaiming the death […] Read more »

The holiday season is upon us, and you’re beginning to get stressed out. There’s just so much to do during the holidays: decorating, gift buying, gift wrapping, getting a tree, baking cookies, scheduling family get-togethers and preparing for any get-togethers and so on. And you’ve still […] Read more »

Last week, we talked about ways of eliminating the file clutter in your life. Now let’s take care of the mess online: 1. Read It Later. A very cool Firefox extension from the Idea Shower, Read It Later sits in Firefox’s toolbar with two simple icons: […] Read more »

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Let’s face it: there are times (days, weeks even) when we don’t feel like working. We just aren’t motivated, or we’re exhausted, and we just want to goof off or take a nap. Unfortunately, also means that you won’t get paid, and when the bills come […] Read more »

While the news of Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader could signal a changing trend in the way that readers consume their information, unremarked upon is how the rise of the e-book reader will eventually change the world for writers. If readers can download books into their Kindle […] Read more »

The best way to be productive with instant messaging (or chat)? Don’t do it. Seriously, IM can take up your entire day if you let it. Those who stay away from it can get a lot more done. However, if done right, IM can be a […] Read more »

There are dozens of tips out there about how to be more productive in your RSS feed reading … how to organize the feeds better, how to make time for the hundreds of posts you need to read each day, how to read them faster. Except […] Read more »

A job is that thing where you go to work in the morning, work in somebody’s office, report to a boss, leave by the end of the day, and get a regular paycheck. It’s that thing we’re supposed to get when we grow up, when we’re […] Read more »

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You’ve probably read a few articles on how to get your email inbox to empty (if not, read David Allen, Merlin Mann, or even a couple articles by me). Clearing your inbox and keeping it clear is just a tremendous boost to your psyche and sanity, […] Read more »

Piles of paper on your desk, a full email inbox, clutter in your home, anything that’s piled up really, are all results of a lack of decisions. While indecision can have many costs, from lost revenue to a suffering reputation to hindering your career, one of […] Read more »

If you keep a projects list (and I recommend it), you probably have a few projects that have been lingering there for a little while, nagging you to either finish them or banish them from the list. I hate those kinds of projects. How great do […] Read more »

While many of us are almost completely digital, and do just about everything on the web, there’s a growing movement to go back to analog. Paper is retro, it’s portable, it’s quick and dirty, and even aesthetically appealing. And of paper systems, along with my Moleskine […] Read more »

As email is the prevalent form of communication for many web workers, it’s gotten a lot of attention: how to handle your email, how to empty your inbox, email etiquette, and more. But perhaps not enough time is spent learning about how to communicate with email. […] Read more »

This week I haven’t been able to work because my 1-year-old daughter has had the flu and she won’t let me put her down long enough to get any work done. While I have no complaints about taking care of my children, when I got back […] Read more »

Recently Get Rich Slowly did an excellent article on Getting to Now: How to Beat the Procrastination Habit, with good tips on doing things immediately instead of putting them off. While the article doesn’t address this directly, the Habit of Now is one of the most […] Read more »

Logging whatever is important to you can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal, whether it’s logging the time you work on any project, online activities, spending, progress towards a goal, reading, exercise and food consumption, or anything really. But developing the habit […] Read more »

I don’t think I’m alone among web workers in my love for Gmail for its speed, ease of use, spam filtering, searches, conversation threads, filters and more. It’s the go-to email program for many people. However, as great as Gmail is, it can be made better […] Read more »

Those of us who use the web all day long, every day, probably have signed up for at least a couple dozen different information services, all with different login information, all storing different information for us. We might have a to-do manager, a contact manager, a […] Read more »

One of the problems with being a web worker is that the lines between work and life have been so blurred as to be non-existent. The Internet is always on, accessible from just about anywhere, and our work and play are often both in the same […] Read more »

We web workers tend to focus on our computer setup and our online work setup, naturally. That’s where we do the majority of our work. But we don’t work in a vacuum — there’s always a real desk and papers and other work tools around us. […] Read more »

While Gmail is a favorite with many web workers who love its ease of use, its quick archiving, its keyboard shortcuts and its storage capabilities, the problem many people seem to face is an archive that seems to get more and more full every day. It’s […] Read more »

While there are still many who love Netvibes, iGoogle has its share of fans in the start page world. And with more than 25,000 gadgets available for iGoogle, the array of choices is sometimes overwhelming. Choose wisely, and iGoogle can be a great tool for productive […] Read more »

In a Microsoft productivity survey done in the last couple of years, workers around the world said they only consider about two thirds of their working hours to be productive. If workers could cut those wasted hours, they’d work less and get the same amount done. […] Read more »

The ever-popular productivity book Getting Things Done, by David Allen, caught on fire within the last few years through the power of blogs. And while many a blogger has fallen in love with GTD, and in fact many GTD blogs have been created, it’s time that […] Read more »

News of a recent study has been making the rounds, showing that email is the top cause of stress in most workers’ lives, and that people are increasingly addicted to checking email constantly, two facts that are not surprising to many web workers. Email is a […] Read more »

As we’ve noted before, if you read a lot of feeds, or go for speed or feed organization, Google Reader is the best in its field. Many people have tons of feeds, check them often, and spend a lot of time reading blog posts. So much […] Read more »

One of the problems with opening your inbox and finding 20 new messages is that it can be overwhelming. The work required to sort through it all, delete unwanted messages, skip over unimportant ones, and finally get to the urgent ones, can be very daunting. You […] Read more »

There’s no doubt that for most people who do a lot of online work (and play), the numerous amounts of web tools, blogs, social media, incoming messages, files stored and just general information can be quite overwhelming. Sure, we’ve learned to cope with it all, but […] Read more »

There are times in many a web worker’s life when a group chat is the best way for a bunch of people working on a project to get together. Recently, for example, I got together with a bunch of others about working on a collaborative project. […] Read more »

We’ve written about creating your personal brand and an online persona before, but given the importance of that branding in the world of today’s web worker, it’s important that you understand the underlying laws of branding. It’s not enough to write prolifically, to have a great […] Read more »

While bloggers are just one of many types of web workers, any web worker can start a blog. And even if blogging isn’t what you hope to do for a living, it might be a smart idea to get one going … because if used correctly, […] Read more »

A few of the things that are emerging about web workers is that 1) we do just about everything online; 2) we want to be able to access it from any computer, anywhere; and 3) it’s hard to organize all the stuff we use and do, […] Read more »

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