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Paying less for bandwidth to serve-up streaming media and downloadable video clips on websites could become the bait that hooks the customer. At least that’s what James Segil, co-founder and president of content delivery network EdgeCast Networks, hopes. On Monday, the Los Angeles-based company plans to […] Read more »

Today, people accept jittery video from poor connections, inadequate bandwidth, and temperamental video players, but as more high-value content moves online, dragging ad revenues along with, advertisers will demand better quality. And so will you. Brightcove, KickApps, Move Networks, and Maven Networks all get the clear […] Read more »

Next New Networks, ON Networks, Revision3, 60 Frames, Vuguru, Telegraph Ave Productions, WatchMojo — what do these companies have in common? They all use Moore’s Law and low-cost distribution over the Internet to disrupt the studio model, in the process building audiences that can rival a […] Read more »

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Taking a test drive behind the wheel of a car no longer means driving down to the local dealership and sitting in the driver’s seat. DriverTV now “brings the showroom to your livingroom” with high-definition videos and 360-degree virtual tours of many makes and models. The […] Read more »

Sometimes you just want to sit back, relax, and have good web video found for you. WeShow is not your typical startup — with a huge employee count, considerable funding, heavyweight backers, and an editorial rather than technological focus — and it’s aiming to do just […] Read more »

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