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RSS reader Feedly, which is already providing the backend for about 50 other RSS apps and services like Reeder, IFTTT and Newsify, announced Wednesday that it’s opening up its API to all developers. Feedly says that the goal as it built its API was to work with a lot of different types of apps — “readers, vertical enterprise apps, dashboards, integration hubs, vertical communities” — and “we are looking forward to seeing applications and services that those of us at feedly could never have imagined.” Rotten Tomatoes, the site that assigns “fresh” or “rotten” ratings to movies based on critics’ reviews, is adding a TV shows section, “TV Zone,” on Tuesday. It will include “all the new fall scripted series, as well as shows that have aired on primetime over […] Read more »

loading external resource “The great irony of your click-bait strategy is, it may actually be counterproductive…and it’s an especially egregious public disservice to not include the location when discussing something like, oh I dunno, A PRISONER ON THE LAM.” Meet Alex Mizrahi, the man behind @HuffPoSpoilers, who thinks five […] Read more »

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Twitter’s standalone #Music app hasn’t really taken off, so the company is trying again: On Thursday it launched the app on Spotify. The app lets users listen to songs that are trending on Twitter and quickly add them to existing playlists. Users can also turn entire collections from the app (“Emerging,” “Unearthed,” etc.) into new playlists. And because the Twitter app is accessible from Spotify Desktop, users can listen to entire songs (not just snippets) even if they don’t have a Spotify Premium account.

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The Verge reports on women who have faced serious harassment and death threats online. For instance, Kathy Sierra, a former Java programmer at Sun Microsystems, was the victim of hacker and anti-Semite Andrew “weev” Auernheimer, who “circulated her home address and Social Security number online…[and] made false statements about her being a battered wife and a former prostitute.” Sixty percent of cyberstalking victims are female, and law professor Danielle Citron, author of the upcoming Hatred 3.0, says, “Things are getting worse because these technologies are going with us wherever we go…[online harassment] is a simple, easy, and effective way to hurt someone.” A subscription to a premium version of Capital New York is likely to cost $99 a month or $1,000 a year, Politico cofounder and executive editor Jim VandeHei told Bloomberg. Politico, which announced Sunday night that it had acquired Capital New York, charges thousands of […] Read more »

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Twitter has acquired mobile advertising startup MoPub, the companies confirmed Monday evening following a report by TechCrunch that pegged the acquisition price at $350 million in stock. MoPub, founded in 2010, helps publishers manage mobile ad inventory. In a blog post, Twitter said it will use MoPub’s technology to “build real-time bidding into the Twitter ads platform” and noted, “[We] think there is a key opportunity to extend many types of native advertising across the mobile ecosystem through the MoPub exchange.” eMarketer recently projected that Twitter could hit nearly $1 billion in ad sales in 2014.


A federal judge has issued her injunction against Apple in the ebooks antitrust case. Notably, Apple will not be allowed to include most favored nation clauses in contracts in any ebook publishing contracts for five years, and it will have to stagger negotiations with the publishers who settled. Read more » The Washington Post interviews its new owner, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Bezos doesn’t get into many specifics about what he might change, but notes that websites can summarize paywalled stories “in about four minutes and readers can access that news for free….even behind a paywall, […] Read more »

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Looking for something to do over Labor Day weekend? You could take this $47 Udemy course on producing ebooks. Offered by’s Sabrina Ricci, who’s also a self-published author, it breaks down ebook production — including coding, file formatting and specific retailer instructions — into 25 parts. Note: I haven’t taken the course. And some reviewers complain that the volume on the first 8 lectures is too low, though they give the content high marks. It can be tough to find all this information in one place online, so it seems as if the course could be a good resource.

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