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In an age of Amazon reviews, Consumer Reports is struggling to succeed: Its average reader is over 60 years old. “It was a very slow process for [Consumer Reports] to wake up to the notion that the website was more important than the print product,” one former employee told Romenesko. “There was the attitude, ‘Users don’t know anything; we’re the experts.’”

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Amazon on Wednesday launched “a literary journal for the digital age,” Day One (not to be confused with the journaling app of the same name), which will publish the work of one writer and one poet each week. An annual subscription will normally be $19.99 but is $9.99 for “a limited time.” Issues will be delivered automatically to your Kindle or Kindle app and “each issue of Day One includes a letter from the editor, as well as occasional bonus content such as playlists, illustrations, or brief interviews with the authors.”

This looks to be a way to introduce debut authors: The first authors and poets listed are those who’ve never published books before.

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Medium, the blogging platform founded by Twitter cofounder Evan Williams, opened to everyone Friday afternoon, after months in closed beta where writers had to be invited to participate. You’ll need to login with your Twitter account and then verify your email address; after that, you can only post from the Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. Mobile devices aren’t supported yet.

Larry Kirshbaum

Amazon Publishing’s head honcho in New York, Larry Kirshbaum, plans to leave the company next year. The company is also reportedly scaling back its publishing presence here, something it denies. But it’s undeniable that Amazon’s original plan to publish traditional fiction and nonfiction like a major East Coast publisher has not gone as planned. Read more »

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Amazon and MGM announced a deal Tuesday to make more MGM movies, as well as the History Channel hit Vikings, available for streaming on Prime Instant Video. Previously, Vikings had been available exclusively through Amazon’s European streaming service Lovefilm. It’s not available for streaming on Netflix. Movies included in the deal: FargoPlatoon and Hoosiers (can also all be streamed on Netflix); Annie Hall and Hotel Rwanda (not available for streaming on Netflix).

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Pew e-readers

Pew released updated data Friday finding that 24 percent of American adults owns an e-reader, up from 19 percent in a November 2012 survey. For this report, Pew did phone surveys with 6,224 Americans ages 16 and older. Women are still more likely to own e-readers than men. In the same group, 35 percent of those surveyed owned a tablet, up from 25 percent in November 2012.

Mike Hopkins Hulu

Fox executive Mike Hopkins, who had been considered the frontrunner for the Hulu CEO position, was officially named to it Thursday. Hulu says its revenues will be close to $1 billion in 2013, but co-owners Disney and News Corp have argued over the future of the service. Read more »

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Vox Media, which owns tech site The Verge, sports community site SB Nation and gaming site Polygon, has raised another $34 million, according to an SEC filing noted by AllThingsD. The round, led by Accel, brings Vox Media’s total funding to over $70 million. The three sites get a combined 60 million visitors a month, according to Quantcast, and CEO Jim Bankoff tells AllThingsD that the company is on track to be profitable this year.

Self-published rape and incest porn available through ebook retailers is fueling media outrage in the UK. As a result, some retailers have taken drastic action. But the retailers aren’t the only ones to blame: Some self-published authors are also employing techniques to ensure that their books stay ahead of filters. Read more »

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After the new episode of Homeland airs this Sunday, the Amazon-owned digital audiobook service will release a free, 30-minute “soliloquy by congressman-turned-fugitive Nicholas Brody,” the Wall Street Journal reports (paywall). Narrated by Damian Lewis, the actor who plays Brody, this is “Audible’s first stab at creating new content for a TV drama,” and Audible hired a writer to work on it in collaboration with Homeland writers and Fox.

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