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Jeffrey Stewart, CEO of Lenddo
photo: Lenddo

By now, we know that our online reputations hold implications for our employment, love lives and even insurance claims. But some emerging companies believe that our online identities – and our social data in particular – are valuable sources for evaluating and even managing credit risk. Read more »

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it’s challenging enough for startups to manage the traditional bottom line of profits, let alone the “triple bottom line” of social and environmental impacts. But, increasingly, they’re supporting business models that benefit not just their shareholders, but customers, workforce, environment and greater community. Read more »

photo: Etsy

The day before thousands of Etsy members plan to protest the online marketplace over its definition of handmade, the NY-based startup announced that it had raised $40 million in Series F funding, bringing its total funding to about $91 million. Read more »

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Gen Yers do everything from shop to socialize with their smartphones; it’s no surprise that a recent ZocDoc survey found that they feel disconnected from analog era health care services. Here’s how emerging health tech startups are addressing the Millenial patient’s pain point. Read more »

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