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Office supply giant Staples is continuing its e-commerce push. On Wednesday, the company said it had purchased Runa, a San Mateo, Calif.-based startup that helps online retailers boost sales through personalization. The companies did not disclose any financial details related to the deal. The acquisition comes just a couple of weeks after Staples’ announcement that it had opened up a Seattle facility dedicated to e-commerce and engineering and as the retailer faces increasing pressure to boost sales and focus on its online business.

In Brief

À la carte education is taking off. Society tends to assume that a direct route to a college degree is the norm, but the Chronicle of Higher Education reports that about half of students enrolled in college today opt for a nonlinear path. Instead of spending four years at a single school, students increasingly “swirl” through multiple institutions, internships and new online learning courses. But, as the Chronicle points out, students who take nonlinear paths still need more support and credentialing options.

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