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Women are underrepresented at the top of the health field, including in entrepreneurship. According to health startup accelerator Rock Health, the lion’s share of VC funding goes to startups founded or led by men. But several new women-led startups are emerging. Take a look. Read more »


New York-based Codecademy, which offers online programming courses, said it is expanding to support server-side languages, starting with Python, which was the language most requested by users of the platform. To date, Codecademy had focused on in-browser languages like JavaScript and HTML. Read more »

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LittleBits, a New York-based startup that developed a system of electronic modules that snap together to make simple electronics projects, announced Wednesday that it has raised $3.65 million in new funding and forged a critical partnership with supply chain management company PCH International. Read more »


As if we needed more evidence that brick and mortar stores are at a crossroads, a study out Tuesday from Paris-based consulting firm CapGemini found that more than half of shoppers globally said they think more physical stores will become merely showrooms by 2020. Read more »

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