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Leap Wireless shareholders on Thursday signed off on AT&T’s planned buyout of the carrier, its 5 million Cricket Communications subscribers and, most importantly, its spectrum. The vote wasn’t even close with 99 percent shares voted in favor of the $1.2 billon cash deal, though their approval was pretty much a given. The acquisition now faces its biggest challenges: regulatory reviews before the Federal Communications Commission (with newly installed chairman Tom Wheeler at the helm) and the U.S. Justice Department.

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Though the Wall Street Journal earlier today reported that AT&T’s European ambitions have been jeopardized by its involvement in the NSA-spying scandal, Bloomberg now has it that Ma Bell is still preparing to make a takeover bid for U.K.-based multinational carrier Vodafone. AT&T’s M&A folks are determining how the deal would be structured and which international properties it would keep and which it would sell off, according to Bloomberg’s unnamed sources. Apparently, AT&T is also looking at the U.K.’s Everything Everywhere as a fallback.

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