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Once a startup establishes itself in San Francisco, you don’t see many of them moving into Silicon Valley, but Square is bucking that trend. This spring it’s opening up a satellite office at 5451 Great America Parkway in Santa Clara that will house up to 50 employees living in the South Bay. Square has been on growth tear lately, doubling in size to 800 employees in the past year (though it hasn’t reached 1,000 bodies it projected for the end of 2013). In October, It moved its HQ to a mammoth space at 1445 Market Street. Though it’s opening up new offices in NYC, Atlanta, Tokyo, Waterloo and now the Valley, it still has plenty of room to grow in SF where it can accommodate 2,000 people.

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IBM is putting its data analytics to work on information collected from Peugeot’s in-car sensors, ostensibly combining it with data from traffic infrastructure and smartphones to create better car apps and more network-aware vehicles. Read more »

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Braintree may be part of the eBay/PayPal empire now, but it’s not abandoning its focus on becoming the payments provider for emerging startups. Braintree, in fact, is trying to add virgin e-commerce, m-commerce and collaborative consumption companies to its roster by offering to process the first $50,000 of their transactions for free. Braintree started the program, called Ignition, in 2012 with the aim of getting 1,000 startups set up for payments, and companies like Everpurse and Tastemaker signed up. Those companies may not have made it quite as big as its more famous clients like Uber and Airbnb, but with Ignition now open to any U.S. startup, Braintree is hoping it can help get the next Uber off the ground.

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