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A cross section of Kymeta's metamaterial antenna

After four years, Intellectual Ventures is spinning off the second company from its vast intellectual property portfolio. Kymeta is focused on using materials not found in nature to build radio-wave shaping satellite antennas, which could be used to connect any boat, plane or truck to the internet. Read more »

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The Justice Department is giving Verizon clearance to close its $3.9 billion acquisition of the cable companies’ 4G airwaves. While it is imposing conditions on their joint-marketing agreements — basically non-compete pacts — to resell each others wireline and wireless services, the concessions are relatively minor. Read more »

Food Network On the Road iPhone

Food Network is continuing its push into mobile media, this time with a new restaurant finder app called On the Road. The app isn’t Yelp or Urbanspoon. It draws its content and recommendation solely from FN’s TV programming, and that’s the way Food Network likes it. Read more »

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MetroPCS became the first US carrier to take the leap to voice-over-LTE, combining its voice, messaging and Internet services onto a single IP network. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have VoLTE plans of their own but they don’t necessarily have the same motivations for getting there. Read more »

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