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Urban Airship is investing big in its infrastructure, scaling its push messaging platform to deliver 100,000 messages a second. As Airship begins to refine push marketing to take into account location, time and context, it’s becoming critical it deliver notifications in volume and in real time. Read more »


Chinese and U.S. operators continued to dominate the list of global operators, according to Wireless Intelligence. China Mobile further solidified its top spot in both subscribers and revenue, but most surprisingly Verizon Wireless leapfrogged its corporate parent Vodafone in the fourth quarter in overall revenues. Read more »

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Sprint plans to make an aggressive use of small cells in its future LTE network, launching tens of thousands of tiny high-capacity base stations in high-traffic indoor and outdoor areas in 2013 and 2014.The end goal of Sprint’s small cell efforts is a heterogeneous network. Read more »

FCC Chairman Julis Genachowski

Performing a few mental calculations during his keynote at CTIA Wireless on Tuesday, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski quickly concluded that the same amount of mobile spectrum existed today as existed before the government slapped down AT&T-Mo. So where did this capacity crisis suddenly come from? Read more »

Liquid Radio NSN

At Mobile World Congress, Nokia Siemens Networks laid out an ambitious heterogeneous network strategy, unveiling its Flexi Zone fabric of small cells. NSN, however, was missing one crucial piece Wi-Fi. NSN has now filled that hole through a deal with metro Wi-Fi vendor Ruckus Wireless. Read more »


On April 19, Verizon Wireless surprised many people by announcing that it would sell its 700MHz A-and B-block holdings if the Federal Communications Commission approves its proposed $3.9 billion purchase of SpectrumCo and Cox Communications’ Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS) holdings (as well as a smaller spectrum […] Read more »

iPhone with AT&T logo crossed out

Wireless industry veteran Whitey Bluestein writes that it isn’t a question of if Apple will offer its own mobile service. It’s merely a question of when. Apple has all of the infrastructure and ambition. And most importantly it has leverage over the operators. Read more »

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