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Abacus businessman counter meter calculation
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A new research study shows that carriers may be charging for mobile data that you don’t actually consume. A test of two U.S. mobile networks found that carriers count every byte they ship you even if your phone is incapable of receiving that data. Read more »

Apple iPhone 5 European carriers

Sweden’s TeliaSonera was the first carrier in the world to launch LTE, but after nearly three years of waiting it finds its networks unsupported in the new 4G iPhone 5. In fact, most of Europe gets left out in the cold. Read more »

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join forces team rugby
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The Rural Cellular Association is now the Competitive Carriers Association. The name change acknowledges the new reality that not all nationwide mobile carriers are created equal — T-Mobile and Sprint have more in common with tiny regional operators than with the country’s two wireless superpowers. Read more »

iPhone Battery 10-percent

Nujira has developed technology that eliminates the enormous energy waste of LTE radios. By utilizing a technique called envelope tracking it matches the power fed into the handset with the power it transmits, which could cut down smartphone battery drain by a quarter. Read more »

ATT flagship store logo
photo: AT&T

AT&T is opening its first “experiential” showcase in Chicago. While technically the flagship retail location on Michigan Avenue is a store, it’s not like any AT&T store you’ve ever seen before. Instead of making the AT&T phones the prime draw, it’s showing off the apps within. Read more »

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Sprint has come full circle on 4G. Four years ago, the country’s first 4G service, Xohm, went live in Baltimore using the technology Sprint championed at the time WiAMX. On Wednesday, Sprint turned up a new 4G network, using WiMAX’s competitor LTE, in the same city. Read more »

RootMetrics iPhone App.Screen Shot.Nov 2010

Mobile network testing startup RootMetrics has aims on international expansion, and the first country to get its hybrid-crowdsourcing treatment will be the UK. By combining drive tests, indoor measurements and crowdsourced data, Root plans to start comparing UK carrier 3G speeds in four to six weeks. Read more »

Iridium Next in orbit

Today SpaceX is an aerospace sensation, but several years ago the prospects of the fledgling space travel startup weren’t so certain. That’s when satellite communications provider Iridium decided to place a huge bet on SpaceX, handing it the single biggest commercial launch contract in history. Read more »

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