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Springpad Facebook screenshot

Note-taking service Springpad wants access to your Facebook profile. Why? It wants to scrape all of those random “likes” of movies, music, restaurants and TV shows scattered throughout your Timeline and organize them into notebooks, which you and your friends can search and share. Read more »

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Sprint LTE logo

Sprint has revealed the official launch date of its new LTE network: July 15. That Sunday it will turn on its new 4G service in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and San Antonio, promising speeds that far exceed what it can provide over its CDMA networks. Read more »

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Lew Tucker Cisco, Serban Simu Aspera, Haseeb Budhani Infineta Systems
photo: Pinar Ozger

As datasets get fatter and cumbersome, it’s becoming harder to move them around. Even the fattest pipes look like cocktail straws when you’re talking about petabyte databases. It’s getting more and more difficult to move these massive troves of data to the applications that use them. Read more »

Exclusive: This fall unlocked smartphone retailer GSM Nation will launch a virtual operator service, pairing T-Mobile’s HSPA+ speeds with the 200-plus smartphones it sells online. The company is breaking the link between operator and device and dispelling the notion that phone subsidies actually save consumers money. Read more »

Sony Xperia Ion

Sony has been on a quest to climb back into the U.S. handset market, and this month it’s introducing an imaging powerhouse that may help it accomplish that goal. AT&T will start selling Sony’s first U.S. LTE smartphone, the Xperia Ion, on June 24 for $100. Read more »

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