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Chefs Feed Feature

Crowdsourcing may have liberated the restaurant review from the critics, but Steve and Jared Rivera think its also produced a lot of bad food recommendations. There answer was to create Chefs Feed, a food app where recommendations come solely from professional chefs. Read more »

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Chrysler UConnect Connected Car
photo: Chrysler

Sprint’s approach to the connected car is certainly odd for a carrier. Instead of focusing on connectivity, Sprint wants to become an automotive infotainment and telematics systems integrator. To accomplish this it’s soliciting a lot of help, starting with Airbiquity, Aeris and WirelessCar. Read more »

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A Ruckus Wireless Wi-Fi access point similar to those used in TWC's network (source: Ruckus)
photo: Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Wireless cleared $126 million in an IPO that valued the company at $1.2 billion, though the stock tanked when it began publicly trading Friday morning. The company, however, is now well positioned to make a big mark in the carrier Wi-Fi market. Read more »

What happens when infrastructure startups disappear? Innovation doesn’t stop, but the industry definitely loses a critical font of ideas that challenge the big vendor mentality and established standards. Services innovation is already outpacing network innovation — the problem is only going to get worse. Read more »


AT&T aims in three years to have a new LTE network up in the airwaves the FCC just approved for 4G use. In the rather plodding world of telecom, three years is a quick timeline. But AT&T has political and strategic reasons for moving soon. Read more »

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

The compromise plan turns a worthless hunk of airwaves into prime cellular real estate, while protecting neighboring satellite radio from interference. AT&T now just needs to consolidate the remaining 2.3 GHz licenses out there so it can build its new LTE network. Read more »

layoffs firing cost cutting

TeliaSonera’s revenues and subscriber base aren’t budging, but the Nordic carrier claims its costs are skyrocketing. In an effort to realign its business with new mobile data realities, the carrier said it will lay off 7 percent of its workforce over two years. Read more »

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