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Verizon iPhone 4

Despite Verizon’s evangelizing push to convert its subscribers to 4G LTE, the 3G iPhone remains king at the country’s largest operator. At its second-quarter earnings call on Thursday, Verizon reported selling 2.7 million iPhones, compared to 2.5 million 4G Android phone sales. Read more »

digital data flow through optical wire

Mobile data gateway maker Stoke already has some impressive investors from the telecom world, Japan’s NTT DoCoMo and India’s Reliance Communications, but it’s adding a third. Samsung is making a $5 million strategic investment, betting that its LTE triage and security technology has a bright future. Read more »


Last week, Orange France’s mobile network tanked, knocking out the mobile phones of millions of subscribers. This week the same thing happened to O2 in the U.K. U.S. carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile aren’t immune either. Global networks have developed a big signaling problem. Read more »

Twitter stuffed bird flying

Twitter wants a taste of the success Facebook is experiencing globally. For that to happen it needs to embed itself in the feature phone, the primary device used in developing markets to access the internet. So Twitter is following in Facebook’s footsteps by partnering with MediaTek. Read more »


BMW will be the first the automaker to incorporate Nuance Communications’ new voice command and control platform into its dashboards. The German car manufacturer said today it is using Nuance’s Dragon Drive voice messaging technology in its luxury and compact sedans. Read more »

Rain phone bicycle umbrella

Nokia EVP Michael Halbherr thinks that the next set of sensors in our smartphones will track humidity and pressure, which will used to generate more accurate crowdsourced weather forecasts. He believes as our devices become more sophisticated, they’ll be increasingly enlisted to serve the public good. Read more »

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