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Dublin Airport Wi-Fi laptop

As consumers become increasingly reluctant to pay for Wi-Fi in public spaces, hotspot providers are looking for other ways to monetize wireless connections. Airport Wi-Fi provider AWG is working with location-based ad company JiWire to trade access for advertising views. Read more »

Connected Car Mouse
photo: Shutterstock / Mopic

Ford and GM opened up their closely guarded connected car platforms to developers at CES, which means we’ll soon see a plethora of apps appearing in our dashboards. But the automakers aren’t Google. They’ll be careful about what exactly they’ll let into the vehicle. Read more »

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A consortium of European technology companies and universities wants to identify the technologies beyond 4G. Given a broad mandate, METIS is investigating everything from super-dense small cell deployments to virtualizing the radio network in the cloud. In 30 months we’ll see its first recommendations. Read more »

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