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Retailer Target could soon counter Walmart’s long-running Family Mobile service with a virtual cellular service of its own. According to Droid Life, this weekend Target plans to launch a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) named BrightSpot using T-Mobile’s voice and data networks.

BrightSpot would sell SIM cards and phones in Target stores and would offer unlimited voice and text plans for $35 a month with data plans costing extra, according to Droid Life’s unnamed sources. What makes BrightSpot special to Target? Well, apparently customer loyalty is linked to in-store rewards: For ever six months you’re a BrightSpot customer you’ll get a $25 Target gift card.

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Tempo AI’s smart calendar has had a good run in the U.S., which it now hopes to replicate on the other side of the Atlantic. The iOS app launched today in the Apple iTunes stores in the U.K. and Ireland. It makes sense for Tempo to go after two of the largest English-speaking countries. Its smart calendar is essentially parsing the language within its customers’ email, appointments and social media accounts to create context for calendar events. Like its fellow SRI Labs spin-off Siri, Tempo is using natural language understanding and machine learning techniques to power a virtual assistant, except in this case it takes the form of calendar rather than a user interface.

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