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Boingo’s acquisition of military base ISP Endeka appears to paying dividends. Boingo revealed this week that it has won contracts with the U.S. Marines Corps, Army and Air Force to install IPTV and broadband access networks on their posts and bases in the U.S. and some overseas installations, using a combination of fiber and point-to-point wireless technology. Soldiers and officers who subscribe to the on-base services will also get free access to Boingo’s global Wi-Fi hotspot network.

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Cisco Systems and high-capacity wireless chipmaker Wilocity revealed on Wednesday they have started working together to develop 60 GHz enterprise networking products that could support massive transmission speeds of 5 Gbps. The new technology is based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 802.11ad standard for ultra-fast in-building networks and will eventually be certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance under the name WiGig. Cisco Enterprise Networking Group CTO Bob Friday said that Cisco has made a minor strategic investment in Wilocity, but the companies are not revealing the amount.

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If you were looking for a signal showing how cozy new Federal Communications Chairman Tom Wheeler would be with the cable and telecom industries he used to lobby for, then Wheeler just broadcast a big one. He’s hired Public Knowledge President, CEO and founder Gigi Sohn as special counsel for external affairs on his staff. For 12 years Sohn has railed against the communications industries’ more anti-consumer actions, and while Sohn’s appointment doesn’t guarantee Wheeler will take a hard line against his former employers, it does shows he will listen to opposing perspectives as he kicks off what is sure to be a controversial tenure.

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Leap Wireless shareholders on Thursday signed off on AT&T’s planned buyout of the carrier, its 5 million Cricket Communications subscribers and, most importantly, its spectrum. The vote wasn’t even close with 99 percent shares voted in favor of the $1.2 billon cash deal, though their approval was pretty much a given. The acquisition now faces its biggest challenges: regulatory reviews before the Federal Communications Commission (with newly installed chairman Tom Wheeler at the helm) and the U.S. Justice Department.

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Though the Wall Street Journal earlier today reported that AT&T’s European ambitions have been jeopardized by its involvement in the NSA-spying scandal, Bloomberg now has it that Ma Bell is still preparing to make a takeover bid for U.K.-based multinational carrier Vodafone. AT&T’s M&A folks are determining how the deal would be structured and which international properties it would keep and which it would sell off, according to Bloomberg’s unnamed sources. Apparently, AT&T is also looking at the U.K.’s Everything Everywhere as a fallback.

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