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Does Verizon want to buy a Canadian mobile operator or does it want Canadian spectrum? Possibly both. The Globe and Mail is reporting that Verizon has sidelined any potential deal to acquire either Wind Mobile or Mobilicity. Instead Verizon is weighing whether to participate in the upcoming Canadian 700 MHz auctions. After the auctions, Verizon could pick up negotiations with Wind or Mobilicity once again.

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Wired tells the story of Rich DeVaul, Project Loon’s first leader, as he and Google engineers try to tackle the problem of building a network that traverses the stratospheric winds. Loon sounds crazy and the project is rife with potential pitfalls, but as Wired shows, the tasks of creating a floating, impermanent network and crunching the meteorological data necessary to steer it don’t daunt DeVaul one bit.

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