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Ford revealed today that it has hit a critical milestone in the connected car world: the automaker has produced 10 million Sync-equipped vehicles since launching the technology just six years ago. Calling every Sync vehicle connected is a bit of stretch, since in its most basic form it’s essentially a voice command and control system. But Ford has been adding features to Sync over the years, allowing it to integrate with apps on those smartphones. Sync is also becoming standard across most of Ford’s vehicle lines. Since January of 2012, Sync has arrived in 6 million cars.

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Verizon Wireless unveiled its new destination store concept on Tuesday in the Mall of America in Minneapolis, showing off a massive floorspace more akin to an Apple store than a carrier’s usually cramped retail accommodations. What’s most striking about the new format is how phones take a backseat to a variety of internet of things gadgets and peripherals on display. Verizon EVP and COO Marni Walden said the new stores are meant to highlight all the objects and apps its network can connect both directly and indirectly. Verizon will be opening up several more of them starting in Chicago (perhaps not coincidentally where AT&T’s first showcase store is located).

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T-Mobile has been ferreting a lot of cash under the mattress in preparation for the day it can pounce on new mobile broadband airwaves. It raised $1.8 billion through a stock sale last week, and on Monday it filed the paperwork for a bond sale, which could add an additional $2 billion to its coffers. According to the Wall Street JournalT-Mobile is considering using the new funds for a spectrum buy from another company. There’s not much loose 4G spectrum in the market these days, but the most likely targets are the 700 MHz licenses Verizon Wireless agreed to shed when it bought up the cable companies airwaves.

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Boingo’s acquisition of military base ISP Endeka appears to paying dividends. Boingo revealed this week that it has won contracts with the U.S. Marines Corps, Army and Air Force to install IPTV and broadband access networks on their posts and bases in the U.S. and some overseas installations, using a combination of fiber and point-to-point wireless technology. Soldiers and officers who subscribe to the on-base services will also get free access to Boingo’s global Wi-Fi hotspot network.

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Cisco Systems and high-capacity wireless chipmaker Wilocity revealed on Wednesday they have started working together to develop 60 GHz enterprise networking products that could support massive transmission speeds of 5 Gbps. The new technology is based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 802.11ad standard for ultra-fast in-building networks and will eventually be certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance under the name WiGig. Cisco Enterprise Networking Group CTO Bob Friday said that Cisco has made a minor strategic investment in Wilocity, but the companies are not revealing the amount.

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