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Welcome to our newest Monday feature — Android Ecosystem! It’s difficult to believe, but another week has passed where I haven’t touched my iPhone. The Nexus One has taken over as a primary device, even with its shortcomings. Although my sporadic 3G issue appears to be […] Read more »


There aren’t too many computing devices still using the 1.8″ hard drives that we saw in the first UMPCs. But if you still have one of them and are looking for a storage upgrade, Active Media Products might be worth a look. The company today launched […] Read more »

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The weekends were made for hacking and this one started off with a bang. Brandon took it upon himself to tread where I have in the Android space — namely porting Android to other devices. I have Android 1.6 booting on my Intel Core Solo UMPC, […] Read more »

Earlier this week, the folks at Skype updated the latest and greatest beta version for Linux. Beta 2 of Skype 2.1 adds some features that Windows and Mac users have enjoyed for some time now — screen sharing, quoting of chat messages and support for different […] Read more »


Whether it’s due to patents in place or just a gentleman’s agreement, you can’t overlook the missing multi-touch on the Nexus One handset. Actually, the device itself does support multi-touch, but those features aren’t enabled in the native Google apps. There’s no pinching in the browser, […] Read more »


On our last podcast I said that now is the “perfect storm” for the ARM processor platform. The architecture is more capable than ever while remaining power efficient, and is good enough for random bites of Internet and mobile application functionality. ABI Research seems to agree […] Read more »

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Need to jot a quick thought down while in the browser? If you’re using Google Chrome, you might want to keep an eye on the Chromepad extension highlighted over at the How To Geek. I’d say this one is in early development, but it’s good enough […] Read more »

Time for our Wednesday feature that highlights some of the latest iPhone news. The most recent iPhone buzz actually revolves around Microsoft. Business Week today reports that Apple might replace Google’s search with Bing for default searches on the mobile handset. While this alleged alliance sounds […] Read more »

Next-generation mobile operator Truphone today announced both an MVNO deal and a single smart SIM for local rates when calling abroad. While this complements the company’s VoIP services, it illustrates a requisite lack of control both for voice and for voice as data. Read more »

With all of the Apple tablet rumors floating, it’s only fair to let Windows Mobile 7 have it’s time in the gossip column. WMExperts shines the spotlight on a slew of speculation and it’s the first I’ve heard the name “Seven” bandied around. The short, classy […] Read more »

Welcome to our newest Monday feature — Android Ecosystem! After a week of Google Nexus One ownership, I shared 16 things I like about the device, not to mention half as many that I don’t like. During this second week, I’ve been slowly getting used to […] Read more »

Image 1 for post Finally a new notebook battery technology that promises longer life( 2008-11-11 21:49:55)

While I’ve done my own share of mobile device battery testing, Steve Paine has easily done more. From smartphones to MIDs and UMPCs to netbooks, Steve has tested down to the milliwatt over the past few years. Today he observed that on the CPU side of […] Read more »

I suspect someone in Redmond knows the planned date for Windows Mobile 7, but if they do, they’re still not telling. At least they’re not telling me. However, the Microsoft ecosystem only works because of the company’s partners, and you can bet that they have a […] Read more »

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